$10 is all it takes to feel like a kid again

Last Friday my son went over to a friend’s house to play for a while. Little did I know this was going to have two side effects:

  1. It was going to cost me $10.
  2. I was going to feel like a kid all over again.

You see when my son went to his friend’s house, he and his friend played the Nintendo Wii. But they didn’t play a game on CD or DVD (to be honest I’m not sure which format the games use). Instead they played a game that my son’s friend had downloaded from the Wii Store.

I know this because when my son came home he was so excited he could barely speak. “Dad, when I was at [my friend’s] house, he had games that showed up on the little squares on the Wii and he didn’t even have a disc in!”

Son, it’s time we had a talk

Wii Shop ChannelThat’s when I knew I had kept the Wii Store from my son long enough. I explained to my son that, using the Wii, you can go to the Wii Store and purchase (a.k.a. download) old Nintendo games from previous consoles (think Nintendo NES, Nintendo 64 and others). Of course my son only needed about two seconds to process this before he asked me if we could buy a game from the Wii Store. I tried to postpone the inevitable by telling my son that we didn’t have any Wii Points but he was too smart for that kind of deflection. Like any curious kid, he immediately asked me how we get Wii Points. Five minutes later I was punching my credit card number in at the Wii Store to purchase 10,000 Wii Points at the going rate of $1 per 1,000 Wii Points.

The Mario that my son never knew

10,000 Wii Points in hand, we started our Wii Store shopping spree. We started by visiting “Popular Titles” and my eyes immediately locked on to the original version of Donkey Kong for a measley 5,000 points ($5 if you are doing the conversion at home). I explained to my son that Donkey Kong was one of my favorite games as a kid and that I was thrilled to be able to have a chance to play it again. Apparently my excitement was contagious and within minutes we had purchased and downloaded the Donkey Kong game.
Of course, I had to be the first to play. I think I concocted some phoney-baloney excuse about me having to “figure out the controls” before my son could play. I must say the game plays just like the original and it took some convincing for me to eventually hand over the controls to my son.
Oh and did I mention, I made it to level 7 the first time I played?