23 social media violations (and 11 of my own)

Social Media ViolationMy wife bought me a fun notepad of “social media violations”. As I read through the list I could think of several people (including myself) who, on occasion, deserve one of these violation slips.

I also found myself thinking there were a few violations missing from the list so I took the liberty of adding them. I now present to you the new list of social media violations:

23 social media violations

  1. Banal status updates
  2. Tagging unflattering photo(s) of others
  3. Narcissistic profile photo
  4. Constant profile-photo swapping
  5. Long-winded list of interests
  6. Endless relationship status changes
  7. Cultural, political, and/or racial insensitivity
  8. Weather reports
  9. “Liking” your own status
  10. “Liking” stupid things
  11. Partaking in self-indulgent quizzes
  12. Participating in annoying games
  13. Sending unwanted virtual “gifts”
  14. Inviting everyone to everything
  15. Self-congratulatory posting
  16. Not inviting me to anything
  17. Friending nonfriends
  18. Lurking
  19. Inspirational quote abuse
  20. Acronym abuse
  21. Overposting
  22. Overcommenting
  23. Oversharing

11 of my own

  1. Posting on a friend’s timeline who lives in the same house as you
  2. Calling out someone for doing something bad in a way that makes everyone reading the status think it’s them
  3. Not posting for 3 weeks and then posting 24 updates in a row
  4. Posting song lyrics that other people mistake for real status updates
  5. Saying negative things about yourself to get attention
  6. Abusing the option to post from another website (ex: Pinterest)
  7. Posting photos that technically meet all photo requirements but are extremely awkward for those viewing them
  8. Checking in to your own house
  9. Checking in to 10 or more locations in one day
  10. Falling for obvious video post scams with titles that start with “You wouldn’t believe…”
  11. Tagging people in photos they aren’t in just so they show up in their timeline

Do you have any of your own to add? Leave a comment and let me know what I missed.