Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | What You Need to Know

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

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If you’re thinking about upgrading your old television or smart TV, hold your horses for a few minutes because Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K can do wonders and make it feel brand new. Then, read on and see what this device can do for you.

What You Need to Know About Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

What Is a Fire TV Stick, and How Does It Work?

The Fire TV Stick is a streaming device. Meaning, when you plug the Fire Stick into your TV’s USB port, you will be connected to the internet. In addition, it aims to convert any projector monitor or TV into a Smart TV. To top it all up, it even has Alexa controls.

How Do I Know if My TV Is Compatible With the Fire Stick?

First of all, you must have an Amazon account. Secondly, your TV must have a USB port and an HDMI connector for it to be compatible. Most televisions today have these features. It should also have the following:

  • WiFi capabilities
  • Must have an HD or UHD resolution

How Do I Connect the Fire Stick To My TV?

As long as your television has the requirements mentioned above, everything else is pretty straightforward.

Just plug in the Fire TV Stick and follow the on-screen instructions, then you are good to go.

Does the Firestick 4K Have TV Controls?

Menu and playback controls remain on the Fire Stick, and power and volume buttons have been added. The Fire TV Stick 4K can control the power and volume of your TV without the need for a second remote, allowing you to hop right into watching streaming video.

Fire Stick Pros and Cons


  • Fire Stick has excellent stream quality and fast speed.
  • The remote can now turn on/off the TV on some cable boxes, control the volume, and change the stations.
  • For $50, you get Dolby Vision, Atmos, HDR10+, and HDR10.


  • With no Vudu, there are fewer options for Dolby Vision movies.
  • In some apps, Alexa’s capabilities are still limited.

How Much Does the Amazon Fire Stick 4K Cost?

The basic Fire TV stick 4K would cost around $34.99, while the one with accessories would cost you $67.97. If you need an Ethernet adapter, Amazon has it too for $57.97.

Is the Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device Worth It?

If all you do is find specific channels and stick there because of the limited shows on television. Then the Fire TV stick is worth it. Just look at what else you can do:

  • Watch Netflix or other internet streaming services like Amazon Prime or Hulu
  • Browse the Web
  • Play online games
  • Access YouTube
  • Use Alexa Voice Control to control the TV
  • Share photos on your TV screen
  • Order food online

There are so many possibilities that can open up for you by using the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. You can watch movies on Firestick with the press of a button. Enjoy watching TV by scrolling using the remote control or give a command and let Alexa do the rest for you.

You can even manage your smart lights, check the weather, pull up a feed from your security cameras, and access Alexa’s other abilities, all with a single voice command. To utilize voice right out of the box, hit the microphone button on the remote.