Amazon Video on Demand saves the day

In my last Mr. Noobie podcast, I talked about how I think that households recording their own television shows will soon be a thing of the past. I went to say how recording television programs will be replaced by on-demand downloads over the Internet.

If you don’t believe me that this trend is already happening, listen to what happened to me last week.

I was watching a recorded show on my TiVo and saw an advertisement for the season premier of ‘Til Death, a show I like to watch. I immediately knew I was in trouble since the ad mentioned that the show was on tomorrow night and it already was tomorrow night (I was a day behind watching my recorded show). I had missed the show.

Now this seems strange that I would miss a show especially since I just recently wrote about how I don’t plan to miss a single season premiere or pilot this fall. Let me explain. First, I didn’t subscribe to the guru guides mentioned in that last blog post until after ‘Til Death already aired. Strike one.

Second, my TiVo is relatively new and when I went to re-create my season passes after I set it up, I couldn’t set up all of the shows because many of them were no longer in the guide. Yes, technically I could set up a TiVo wish list to watch for the shows but I figured it would be easier to just wait until a week before the show started up again and create the season pass then. Strike two.

Homerun, not a strikeout

Luckily, I didn’t strike out. Instead I went to Amazon Video on Demand (formerly Amazon Unbox) and searched for ‘Til Death. Not only did I find it but I had the choice to watch the show right on Amazon’s web site or to download it to my TiVo for free. Being one that likes to watch shows on television, not my computer, I chose to download the show for free to my TiVo.

About 20 minutes later, I looked on my TiVo and the season premiere for ‘Til Death was there waiting for me.

Video on demand is coming people. We better all get used to it.