9 Useful Apple Watch Apps

Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2You finally caved in after much resistance and bought an Apple Watch! Are you extra keen on experiencing the wonders of your new found technology? We’ll fill you in with what you will need to optimize your Apple Watch and make the most of your investment! These 9 apps are worth every gigabyte of space they require from your brand new gadget!

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9 Apple Watch Apps You Need to Download

1. Pennies

Pennies | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

Be on top of your budget with help from Pennies! This app automates reminders when you’re approaching your expense limits and gives you an “at a glance” look at your daily allowances. Download it here!

2. Find Near Me

Find Near Me | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

There is no need to bring that big map with you when you travel! Find Near Me lets Apple Watch users discover their neighborhood and land quick and accurate locations. Moreover, Find Near Me provides addresses, maps, and reviews whenever available, and integrates Siri, too.  Get it today!

3. Calcbot

Calcbot | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

You will never know when you’ll need a calculator, so best be armed with one on your wrist. Calcbot helps perform arithmetic and other calculations with a breeze. Download Calcbot here.


That dream body becomes achievable with CARROT Fit! The cycles of its programs run a full 7 minutes and can push you to your limits or work at your pace, to include breathers. Try it for yourself!

5. Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

Never forget anything! Cheatsheet lets you note all the things you need to remember like parking spots, license plates, or flight numbers and can be programmed to appear on the main screen of your Apple Watch. Each item has a different icon, which is extremely useful to be alerted of everything that requires attention. You can also sync these notes to your iCloud as a paid service. Get Cheatsheet here.

6. Uber

Uber | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

Forget about hailing a cab when you are wearing your Apple Watch! Ride with Uber and enjoy its convenient app interface for your arm candy.

7. Deliveries

Deliveries | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

Input and track your incoming shipments with Deliveries. Never miss a delivery again with real-time updates for your orders. You can find this Apple Watch app here!

8. Slack

Slack | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

Your virtual workspace can also be found on your new gadget! Communicate and work better as a team as this support app is now available to send and receive direct messages and mentions on your Apple Watch. Download the app to stay connected at all times!

9. Babbel

Babbel | 9 Useful Apple Watch Apps | apple watch 2

Do you find yourself in need of real-world language assistance? After opening the Babbel app in the Apple Watch, you are given the chance to collect vocabulary relevant to your location when used with Foursquare. This learning process is useful, relevant and most importantly, accessible. Find it right here!

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Remember, the ultimate goal should be to optimize your Apple gadgets and not overload them with unnecessary apps and widgets. These apps are sure to remedy that “left your iPhone behind” feeling. What are you waiting for? Download these apps now to stay connected!

What apps do you find most useful on your Apple Watch? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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