Ann Dunn

Ann Dunn

How to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva If you run a small business, you’ll know that marketing is massively important and is actually one of the most crucial elements to get right. If you’re not marketing in the right way to the right…

As a Freelancer, You Can Save on Taxes

Tax deductions

You may already be aware that as a self-employed person, freelancer, or company owner, you are eligible for a number of tax deductions, including those for business clothing costs. But a lot of individuals don’t know how to benefit from…

How Automation Drives Business Growth

Automation Drives Business Growth

Automation has become essential in the modern business landscape, spurring growth and enabling companies to reach new heights of efficiency and productivity. By streamlining operations, reducing human error, and freeing up resources, automation is driving business growth across various industries.…

Personal Finance Myths Debunked

Personal finance myths

What are the top personal finance myths of the 2020s? In addition to incorrect beliefs about the frequency of mortgage payments, there are some whoppers floating around in cyberspace that don’t seem to want to go away. The ones you’re…

How to Create an Effective Job-Search Plan

job search plan

Job hunting is frustrating and time-consuming. You submit your resume to dozens of positions but rarely hear back. You may even have interviews but no offers. At some point, you start wondering if you’ll ever find a job that’s right…