Dylan Elliot

Dylan Elliot

Is VoIP Really the Future of Communication?

VoIP headset and phone

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows users to make calls over the internet, rather than via regular landlines or using a mobile network. Data (the user’s voice) is converted into a digital signal and sent across a broadband connection. VoIP…

Play Block Puzzle Like a Champ With These Simple Tips

Play Block Puzzle

Over 164 million Americans enjoy mobile games, and the number is exponentially growing. While gaming might be considered a ‘lazy pastime,’ it offers unexpected and incredible cognitive function and mental health benefits. Gamers even boast of improved emotional well-being and…

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive?

Electric bike

Photo by KBO Bike on Unsplash Electric biking is becoming more and more popular each day. Some people like to ride their bikes as a form of exercise, while others prefer to use it as a transportation method. If you’re…

What is Right to Repair?

Repair technician

The pace at which technology changes is so fast. The electronic items industry and companies providing data center services are the larger producers of e-waste. The global market for e-waste management was capped at around $48,000 million for 2020 which…