Rose Owens

Rose Owens

How to Verify Your New Roommate

Verify your new roommate

There has to be a level of trust when you live with someone you don’t know. You have to be able to trust that they’re not going to rob you, hurt you, or do anything to make your life difficult.…

Can Teachers Make Special Education Better?

Teacher - Education

Teachers understand better than most that special education in America is not as good as it could be. While education, in general, is underfunded, students with disabilities tend to receive the dregs of their school budgets despite having special needs…

What is Malware?

Feature | hackers symbol | What is Malware?

What is malware? Here is a list of some frequently asked questions about Malware to help you out in your future battles against them: What is Malware? | Everything You Need to Know About Malware 1. What is Malware? Malware…