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The argument for the best RPG for Android can go on forever. RPG, or Role-Playing Game, is a type of game where the player assumes the role of a character in a fictional universe. It’s a very popular video game genre because of its deep storytelling and complex gameplay. It can be a difficult task searching for the best RPG game to play with so many options available. We have gone through the pile and here are 19 of the best RPG games for Android that you can play right now!

19 Best RPG Games For Android To Survive The Daily Commute


1. Fire Emblem Heroes
A spin-off from a popular Nintendo franchise, Fire Emblem Heroes finally brings its addictive gameplay to your Android device! Set in a medieval period, the player takes the role of a member of a royal family caught in a conflict with other countries. In this game, you can collect and level up heroes from across the entire Fire Emblem universe. It also features an all-original storyline with over 500 story stages! This is definitely one of the best RPG for Android you can get.

2. Crashlands
In Crashlands, you play as the galactic trucker, Flux Dabes. In this crafty and survival-based RPG, you find yourself stranded on an alien planet having to search for resources to be able to survive on a foreign planet. Not only are there RPG style progression systems, you can also build a base, make friends and tame animals. How long can you survive?

3. Bit Heroes
As its name implies, Bit Heroes art style is inspired by old-school RPGs, featuring 8-bit or 16-bit style graphics. This throwback RPG not only gives that air of nostalgia but also adds some modern gameplay elements. Journey through randomly generated dungeons or raids, compete in PvP and even capture creatures to fight by your side. Not as complex or story-driven as the rest on this list, but it’s still a lot of fun!

4. Knights Of Pen And Paper +1
Knights of Pen and Paper+1 is another retro style RPG that presents itself like those Dungeons and Dragons nights at a friends house. Instead of having to use your imagination and dice rolls for the combat, it shows it in retro style graphics. Not only do you control the players, but you also control the dungeon master as well. This means you don’t only get to control the combat, but you also get to choose which monsters you will fight and how strong your enemies will be.

Described as the “ultimate pen and paper RPG simulation experience” on Google Play, Knights Of Pen And Paper +1 definitely deserves your attention as one of the best RPG for Android today.

5. Tap Titans 2
If you’re sick of complex combat systems and mechanics, look no further. Tap Titans 2 aims to do away almost all of that by reducing all your actions to just one thing, tapping. This simple yet surprisingly addictive game contains most RPG elements minus the learning curve.

Make your hero stronger by going through prestige levels, join forces with other players worldwide and recruit dozens of other heroes to help you on your tapping frenzy. This game is definitely for the minimalist RPG players out there.

6. Attack The Light
As the official mobile game of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, Attack The Light is a surprisingly simple yet fun RPG. It features most of the characters from the show and even has the actual voice actors. The combat plays like a traditional RPG with a Steven Universe flair. It’s turn-based and you get to select what special attacks your entire party uses. Exploration is simple, only having to change rooms within a dungeon with a swipe. But even then, it is definitely enough to keep you entertained for its somewhat short story mode.

7. Rouge Hearts

Probably the most unique strategy RPG on this list, Rouge Hearts differentiates itself by being a “simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG”. This means that instead of you and the enemy alternating turns like a traditional strategy RPG, you take your turns simultaneously. It gives the game a different kind of challenge by making the player plan their moves much more carefully.  It is a game to consider for the best RPG for Android.

8. Eternium
Do you remember the point and click action RPGs of old? Eternium is the mobile version. What separates it from the crowd is its gesture controls. Instead of just clicking skills on the screen, each spell or skill is linked to a specific gesture, like an upside-down V for example. Another reason to get this game is that it is also available to play offline, for those moments when you don’t have Wi-Fi or you just randomly lose your data connection.

9. Chaos Rings III
If you are looking for an original RPG, then you should check out Chaos Rings. Developed by the titans of RPGs, Square Enix, this all-original RPG has it all. Cutscenes, voice acting, story, and the graphics to boot. Currently, on its third episode, this game has been expanded since its initial release in 2010. If you’ve been looking for the best RPG for Android, this could definitely be in the running.

10. The World Ends With You
A port of the well-received Nintendo DS game, The World Ends With You on Android brings its great art style and crazy dual-screen combat to a single screen.  If you have never played the original version, this is definitely a great game to pick up. The art style is eye-catching and amazing, mixing Shibuya fashion with streetwear. While the combat, even though different from the Nintendo DS version, is still fun and challenging in its own way.

11. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
It’s Star Wars… need we say more? Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, or KOTOR, is one of the most beloved Star Wars games developed by the master of story-based RPG’s, Bioware. Originally released in 2003, this mobile port brings the classic game back in all its glory. Voice acting, fully interactive cutscenes, player-choice driven storyline, and much much more. A great pick-up for both fans of the original and new players everywhere.

12. Baldurs Gate 1 & 2

Another masterpiece from Bioware, Baldurs Gate is one of the best Dungeons and Dragons RPGs ever. Baldurs Gate translates well onto mobile devices and is also sporting some gameplay improvements from the original PC version. If you are a fan of fantasy stories or Dungeons and Dragons, you need to grab these two games. Definitely a contender for best RPG for Android.

13. Titan Quest
Back when the world was waiting for the release of Diablo 3, a small studio released Titan Quest. This point and click action RPG has essentially the same elements as Diablo. Thirty-six possible classes, skill trees, masteries, lots of loot and a sprawling story.

The game is also based around Greek Mythology and is complete with Medusas, Minotaurs and a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. Save yourself the time going through bad action RPGs and just get this one.

14. Chrono Trigger
Controversial entry on this list Chrono Trigger is still one of the best RPG games for Android. Originally released on the SNES, Chrono Trigger is seen by many as the best RPG of all time. Although the quality and interface changes on this mobile port have been divisive to its fans, we still find it very hard not to recommend. Chrono Trigger has one of the best storylines in any RPG and its combat is also quite challenging, being the only active time battle system on this list.

15. Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition
If you missed out on the original release, don’t worry. Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition, is an exact port of the original game with every single part painstakingly recreated into more mobile-friendly graphics for your Android device. It even has the original voices and sound effects! Its cartoony style is actually preferred by some, and now you can play Final Fantasy 15 on the go!

16. Final Fantasy 6
As an all-time classic, Final Fantasy 6 is a must-have RPG for Android. Another faithful port, it also sports recreated and improved graphics for a slightly better look compared to the original version. The Final Fantasy series is best known for its great storylines and Final Fantasy 6 is no different. This entry in the series also has some of the most memorable music.

17. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions
Probably the best tactical RPG for Android on this list, Final Fantasy Tactics, its deep RPG elements, and the job-class system is extremely addictive and challenging. The War of The Lions is the improved version from the original 1997 PS1 game.

It has improved dialogue, improved translations, the addition of cutscenes and even new characters from other Final Fantasy games. As one of the best strategy games of all time, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions is definitely in consideration for the best RPG for Android.

18. Banner Saga 1 & 2
If you want more Vikings and Norse mythology on your Android, you need to get Banner Saga. Announced as a trilogy, it’s a great time to start getting into this dark and challenging tactical RPG played on a grid. With a story inspired by elements in Norse Mythology, the player has control over what may happen during the course of their playthrough. This strategy game was originally released on PC in 2014.

19. Shadowrun Returns
What once was another game on Kickstarter, Shadowrun Returns is another tactical RPG that is based on the tabletop game of the same name. Set in the cyberpunk Shadowrun universe, you get to create and customize your own character to bring to the main story campaign. As with many stories, everything starts out great and then eventually goes horribly wrong, starting your journey in this cyberpunk world.

Before you check out these 19 games, here is another list on YouTube of the best RPG for Android that you can play offline from VinIsHere:

There are many more great RPG games out there for Android. With this list of strategy, action and turn-based RPGs, be sure to savor the great gameplay, mechanics, combat, and story of these games. Which one will you try first?

Do you agree with our list of 19 best RPG games for Android? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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