Everything You Need to Know About CES 2019

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The Consumer Technology Association’s now-iconic CES 2019 is almost here! Learn more about this highly-anticipated tech event in this post.

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CES 2019 | What We Know So Far

Setting the Stage


The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) hits Vegas in January of 2019. As usual, industry leaders are tight-lipped about most of the surprises in store at the show, but a few intriguing details are being shared by excited techies.

The newest innovations of the year will be unveiled in Las Vegas during the show. CES 2019 runs from January 8 through January 11 at several locations, including the Las Vegas Convention Center. Other venues include the Palazzo and the Park MGM/Park Theater.

Last year, almost 185,000 people visited the CES. That’s an impressive figure, considering that the event isn’t open to the general public.

Yet, it’s still one of the more highly-anticipated shows of the year because it introduces the world to the innovations of tomorrow. Attendees include corporate buyers, business and entertainment executives, and retailers. Engineers, elected officials, and industry analysts from around the globe will also attend.

Along with industry giants, journalists and bloggers will also have front-row seats to the latest news. Expect to hear about the biggest “wow moments” each day of the convention, almost as soon as they’re unveiled.

As in past years, the CES exhibitors list alone is a staggering one. With CES 2019 exhibitors expected to exceed 4,500, the show will need every inch of the 2.75 million square feet allocated to them.

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The Big Players

The annual consumer electronics show prides itself on launching up-and-comers. For that reason, you can be sure you’ll be hearing about wearable tech and the next generation of robots.

A big part of the CES 2019 anticipation will be seeing how big of a splash that industry giants are planning to make this year. CES has a reputation for drawing the top movers and shakers in the technology industry, and the 2019 event will be no exception.

Of course, these headliners tend to keep things under wraps until their big reveal on the global CES stage. That’s why CES buzz is always a mixture of concrete information, insider gossip, and fandom speculation.

As the largest technology show in the world, CES will be featuring innovations in every area, from fitness watches to cars. You can expect to see the next generation of drones, laptops, smart home devices, and, of course, software.

For that reason, even the big names that may not take part as exhibitors will be sending representatives to check out upgrade opportunities.

One thing that’s definitely locked in is AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su, who will give the keynote address at CES. It’s expected that she’ll be revealing the next generation of graphics products in Ryzen processors. Look for that at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, January 9, when Su hits the Venetian Palazzo Ballroom stage.

Intel is another big player poised to take CES by storm. They’re expected to be releasing a discrete graphics card.


What else have the tech detectives uncovered as likely reveals during the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show?

Well, it’s known that Samsung has filed a patent that hints at a transparent TV. The patent, which described a “Window” television, hints at a large, see-thru screen.

If it’s unveiled at 2019 CES, it would likely revolutionize how people experience shows and movies at home. It will also change how they interact with the screens when they’re not on.

Like Samsung’s “Frame” TVs, which enable televisions to act as art when they’re not in use, “Window” could change the idea of what a television looks like when not turned on.

Of course, other players are likely to debut their versions of the new, improved TV systems. Look for Sony, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, and others who will introduce their 2019 models in Las Vegas.


Of course, smartphones have dominated tech shows in the last couple of decades. Rumor has it that “foldables” will be the big news in the cell phone world this year.

Huawei and Samsung are the two giants most likely to be showing off the foldables. Others may hop on the bandwagon — or go in a new direction.

For example, the Sony Xperia will probably make its grand entrance at CES 2019. The dual-camera phone has other tricks up its sleeves, too, including a sleek headset port and super-thin bezels.

Building on Past Success


So why does the Consumer Electronics Show get so much buzz each year? Perhaps it’s because so much disruptive tech has made an appearance at past CES events, such as last year’s debut of AirSelfie2 drone and the Lenovo Mirage Solo, a Daydream VR headset.

Other hot toys from last year include the Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy, Beyerdynamic’s Amiron wireless headphone and Razor’s Turbo Jetts heel wheels.

On the domestic front, Whirpool’s new smart fridge debuted last year. Attendees saw how it could offer timing suggestions for tasks like marinating meat. The fridge also calculated energy-saving ways to run the appliance.

CES 18 also introduced luxuries like the Toto floating tub. The tub suspends bathers comfortably through the strategic use of water jets.

And of course, there were all kinds of real-life “Rosie the Robot” home helpers. These included Sony’s Aibo, a robot dog that fetches, and The Walker, a biped robot which patrols your house like a security guard.

Yet even some of last year’s CES showcase products have yet to reach the mass markets. Some vendors were seeking deals at the 2018 event, and are only now entering production. Others may still be too expensive for the average consumer to even find in chain stores. One thing we can count on? The innovations we’ve been seeing at the past several CES shows will be reaching the everyday consumer, one way or another.


Learn what to expect in CES 2019 in this video from CES:

Like you, we’ll also be keeping watch at what innovations debut at CES 2019. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest gadgets, gaming and entertainment tech, wearables, vehicles and other major products coming out of this year’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

What got you interested in CES 2019? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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