ChaCha’s incorrect answers continue to disappoint

ChaCha has gone from a really great service to a mostly entertainment service to completely useless to me. I have given them multiple opportunities to redeem themselves but they continue to disappoint.

Most recently I was in West Bend, Wisconsin visiting my parents when my mom told me she thought it might be fun to go to Germanfest. Only one problem, she wasn’t 100% sure it was taking place the weekend I was visiting.

Having only my iPhone with me, I did a quick Google voice search and within seconds was on the Downtown West Bend events page. But shame, shame on this web site as they rely heavily on Adobe Flash which of course I can’t view on my iPhone.

Against my better judgment, I turned to ChaCha

So on to ChaCha I went. I asked them simply, When is the 2010 Germanfest in West Bend, Wisconsin? Note, I was careful to say 2010 to make sure I got this year’s dates. I’ve learned to be very specific with ChaCha.

Within a few minutes the answer came back letting me know that Germanfest is July 29-31… which is 100% wrong. A short drive into town later that night (our next option) verified that Germanfest was August 27-29.

Sorry ChaCha, but I can no longer recommend you to anyone. Your service is too unreliable and I have lost all faith that answers I receive are accurate.