Choose and Buy the Right Technology Gifts with Noobie

Leave the shopping to Noobie and get the right gift or your money back

November 25, 2008 (Greenwood, Ind.) – The wide selection of consumer technology products on the market today makes shopping overwhelming. Add the pressure of purchasing exactly the right holiday gift for someone you love, and technology shopping becomes downright terrifying. The Noobie Concierge Service simplifies consumer technology shopping by providing expert shopping assistance. Learn more at

“When you’re getting ready to make a large purchase for yourself or as a gift, it’s nice to have an objective perspective,” said Patric Welch, owner and founder of Noobie. “You could show up at a store and let a salesperson talk you into something you don’t want or need, or you can pay a small fee to get the trusted advice of Noobie experts.”

For Noobie experts, staying up-to-date on new and emerging technologies is their top priority. However, unlike some know-it-all technology analysts or geeky retail sales associates, Noobie experts evaluate an individual’s technology needs then recommends matching technologies according to his/her knowledge, skill and personality.

“Whether you’re the kind of person who walks into a store and gets lured by the first shiny package you see or you simply don’t have the time to research, understand and decide on the right technology for yourself or someone else, Noobie can help,” said Welch.

Consumers who want help with their technology shopping should visit the site and add the Noobie Concierge Service to their shopping cart. After paying a small fee using MasterCard or VISA, Noobie will initiate contact to begin understanding the individual’s technology needs. Each resulting product recommendation will include at least one store for making the purchase. Or, for an additional fee, Noobie will broker the purchase. The service comes with a 100 percent, no-questions-asked guarantee.

About Noobie: Noobie was founded in 2006 by Patric Welch to help consumers and businesses choose and use technologies to enhance work and life. The company specializes in educating and coaching “noobies,” people who are inexperienced with a particular technology. Help and advice is available for everything from household electronics, computers and entertainment systems to emerging technologies and gadgets. The Web site,, offers informative articles, insightful blog entries, entertaining audio and video podcasts and online coaching. Consumers in the Indianapolis area also have access to educational classes and hands-on consulting.

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