How To Choose a WordPress Web Designer

WordPress web designer

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Choosing a website designer is as overwhelming as finding any service provider. The reason behind this is because you have preferences and are unsure if you will find someone who will generate a replica of your plan. In addition, the presence of many WordPress designers complicates your search. But how do you hire the best developer? Find out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Website Designer

1. Describe Your Needs

This is the first thing you should do before outsourcing any services. A clear understanding of what you are looking for in terms of colors, design, and theme. If you already have a website and only need redesigning, you can be sure who to hire.

Other than this, what’s your website’s goal? Your goals would determine what features you need to incorporate and what functionality. A technical designer will help if you are incorporating multiple features. For example, if you are looking for an industrial web design, you will need someone conversant with similar tools.

2. Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a professional designer? Most developers charge based on the time they will require to complete the project, either hourly, daily, or discounted if it will take longer. You can research and get market comparisons to decide if you can meet the budget. While on budgeting, think about your website’s importance (are you looking for revenue or online presence)? A valuable WordPress would be worth the investment if you are marketing your services.

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3. Your Options

You must know where to find an experienced developer after detailing your idea and budgeting. Friendly competitors could recommend professional designers. It isn’t easy to find excellent web designers if you don’t have networks. You could market places consider job boards where people advertise their services.

But what happens if you can’t find viable options on these platforms? You have to figure out how to go about your plan. Some agencies, like WordPress website design company Fireart Studio, have excellent services you could explore. Looking for developers can be daunting; manage your expectations. Here are some tips for finding an expert :

  • Do you want someone who will work at your preferred place (for monitoring and guiding) or remotely?
  • What are their skillsets? You can find anyone, but what are they good at (HTML, PHP, Javascript, and CSS). Settle for someone with expertise in Illustrator, Photoshop, wireframe programs, coding skills, and language experience. A full-stack would be ideal.
  • Look for any relevant experience to understand what the person can provide to decide if the expertise matches your vision.

4. Portfolio

No one is worth your investment unless you can verify his experience. A portfolio highlights a person’s work and showcases expertise and skills.

5. Testimonials

There is no better way to ascertain a developer’s work other than hearing testimonials. Calling one of the referrals listed on the portfolio can influence your decision about that particular developer. Look for genuine feedback and decide if it can help.

6. Proposals

After analyzing designers and finding the ones you can work with, consider asking for a proposal. This tip gives you the upper hand in choosing the ideal developer. Consider the response and how it stands out – don’t settle for someone inquiring about prices, but someone detailing your project and how they would handle it.

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7. How About Your Previous Web Designer?

This tip only works for people who have had previous projects that required a WordPress site. If you hired someone before and loved their work, you can gauge their capability and hire them again. Expert WordPress developers can design several projects with varied results depending on your requirements. If you’ve outsourced services before and wouldn’t mind having them again, you could maximize on this.


Having a WordPress website is one of the latest market trends. If you are contemplating this idea, the above tips will go a long way in finding an excellent WordPress website developer.