How to Choose a Brand Name Using Smart Technology

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Your brand name is not only how a potential customer remembers and identifies your product or service, but it also plays a role in getting customers interested in your brand in the first place. A good brand name needs to be attention-getting, memorable, unique, and descriptive. Namify’s smart name generator can simplify the process of choosing a brand name that will help you reach your goals.

Choose Your Brand Identity

Before you get started with Namify’s brand name generator, you need to decide what you want the identity of your brand to be. Who is the target market? How do you want your brand to make your customers feel? Do you want your brand to be cool and trendy or reliable and professional?

Once you decide on your brand’s identity, you will need to choose a name that fits with it. Namify’s cutting-edge technology can help you do this by pairing keywords with potential brand names in a manner that is much more meaningful than name generators that simply pair random keywords together.

Choosing Your Keywords

Once you have settled on your brand identity, you need to brainstorm some keywords that marry that identity with key aspects of your brand. Try putting yourself in your target customer’s shoes. If you were searching for your brand on the internet, what words would you use? If you need some help getting started, try looking at your competitors and observe the keywords they target on their websites and social media. However, be sure to use their keywords as inspiration only.

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You want to use keywords that people are searching for, but you do not want to use the same keywords your competitors are using. If you choose something that someone else already ranks well for, you will have a much more difficult time getting found, than if you can find keywords that are still relevant, but have less competition. It can also be helpful to use tools such as Google Trends.

Using the Namify Name Generator

Once you have a list of relevant, unique keywords, you are ready to use Namify’s name generator to pick your perfect brand name. Simply choose a category and input one or more of your chosen keywords. The name generator will then suggest names based on your chosen category and keywords. Read through the names and use the Namify tool to e-mail yourself a shortlist of your favorites.

Choosing Your Brand Name

Now that you have your shortlist of names, you can pare it down by considering which names best fit your brand naming strategy. It is best to choose a name that is short, easy to say, and memorable. This will make it easier for your customers to find you and to tell all their friends about your brand. Try not to pick anything too similar to one of your competitors.

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You might get a few accidental clicks this way, but you may also end up buried in search results behind an established competitor. Once you have settled on a few names, test them out. Ask some people what the name makes them think of when they read or hear it. Solicit opinions on which names are their favorites and why.

Take Advantage of the Perks

When you use Namify’s name generator you get more than just a future-proof brand name. Namify will also help you research, choose, and register your domain name. Additionally, once you purchase a domain name, you will receive a free logo design to help you launch it.

Choosing the right brand name is a critical component of launching a new company or product. Namify can help you choose a name that is unique, memorable, and speaks to the brand image you want to establish.

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