Challenge Your Brain’s Color Matching Skills With Color Switch

Color Switch

I love games that that are simple to learn but challenging to play. Such is the case with Color Switch.

The premise is simple. You navigate a colored ball through a series of “shape” obstacles. Each shape has a different color for each side. In order for your ball to pass through the shape you must pass through the side of the shape with the same color as your ball. Touch another color and the game is over.

Color Switch

Of course, this wouldn’t be as much fun if your ball stayed the same color the entire time so to keep you on your toes even more, there are multi-color circles that cause your ball to randomly change colors when you pass over it.

The shapes themselves change as well. From squares to circles to twirly plus signs and more. They also vary in size. The larger shapes are fairly easy to traverse but the smaller shapes can present quite a challenge since you have to not only match the color passing into the shape but you also have to match the color passing out of the shape.

And just in case you get bored of looking at the ball while you play the game, you can collect stars along the way which can be used to buy other shapes for your ball such as a star, square or smiley face.

Two ways to play

You can play Color Switch right at your computer by visiting Color Switch on Poki. You can also play Color Switch on your smartphone via the Color Switch app [iOS | Android].

Note: This blog post was co-created in cooperation with Poki, an online gaming company developing cross platform games and publisher of the free-to-play online version of Color Switch.