Connecting your CCTV System to Your Phone: Everything you Need to Know

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CCTV technology has gone through some revolutionary changes in the past few years. Gone are the days when you needed bulky cameras and sufficient storage space to store tons of video footage. Today, smart surveillance systems can be connected to your smartphone, allowing people to monitor their home from anywhere and at any time.

In fact, the surveillance system will send a notification or a motion alert to your device if it detects any movement near the front door, back door, or other key spots. This notification pops up on your device, warning you about potential intruders that are passing by your house or approaching your front door.

These remote CCTV cameras enable you to watch your house when you are away. You can also install smart surveillance systems on your commercial premises and connect them to your smartphone for regular updates and motion alerts. Here’s how to connect your CCTV cameras to your smartphone for the best remote viewing experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting CCTV to Your Mobile

For remote viewing, all you need is a smartphone that’s compatible with your surveillance system, as well as a strong internet connection. You also need a storage system to store your video footage. You can store the videos on your phone’s memory, but to do this you’ll need a lot of space on your device.

  1. To start receiving the video footage on your mobile, download the relevant mobile surveillance and security app on your device.
  2. You don’t need any technical knowledge, as all the instructions for how to connect your smartphone with the CCTV will be available in the app.
  3. The cameras will then be linked to your device’s IP address allowing you to enjoy live streaming services from anywhere. The best part is that the footage from all the cameras will be available on your smartphone.
  4. Once you have linked your CCTV system to your mobile, you can add the custom features, such as “motion alerts” and “upload paths” for the optimal monitoring experience.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to view the live footage of your home or business on your mobile. In addition to that, users can record the videos to watch later. You could also use some additional functions, such as talking to the person in front of the camera. The remote surveillance system is quite simple to use.

As soon as you have set up the camera on your premises and linked it to your mobile, you can enjoy live streaming from anywhere and at any time. If you’re not technologically-minded, or if this simply sounds like too much time and effort, you can always consult an expert provider like Upcoming Security to arrange everything for you!

Are All Cameras Compatible with Mobiles?

Most smart CCTV security cameras are compatible with iOS and Android devices, but it is always better to check the compatibility factor before making a purchase. The last thing you want is a camera that doesn’t offer remote viewing options. Manufacturers offer mobile-compatible surveillance systems that can be connected to just about any type of smartphone with simple clicks. However, you may have to download different apps for better connectivity.

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Mobile integration is an easy way for homeowners and store owners to watch the live footage of their house or store on their smartphones. Convenience isn’t the only reason why people choose mobile-compatible surveillance systems.

Here are two more reasons to consider connecting your camera to your smartphone:

24/7 Monitoring

With a 24/7 monitoring feature, you can rest peacefully knowing that your property and assets are safe. It isn’t always possible to sit in front of a TV or monitor to watch the live footage of your storefront or front yard. Besides, you can’t carry your laptop with you everywhere. The major advantage of connecting your mobile to your CCTV system is that you can stream videos live on a portable device 24 hours a day.

Get Quick Notifications

There are quite a few add-ons that allow users to receive motion alerts. If someone tries to break into your property or breach the security of your area, you will immediately receive a notification on your phone. Every time the camera detects movement near the front door, a warning message pops up on your screen, alerting you that someone is a little too close to your house or business. You can then open the app to access the footage of your front door and assess the situation.

A remote viewing function is the first thing you should look for when choosing a CCTV system. The remote viewing function should link the camera to your smartphone, desktop, and other portable devices. You should also check that the camera works on both iOS and Android devices.

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