Understanding Digital Signage Software for Your Small Business

Digital signage software

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Imagine that you put up a poster in your store or service center window. It offers 20% off any purchase over $100. Then, you have an overflow of a certain stock item because there was a bulk buy discount with your distributor. You decide to offer a discount on these items, so you design a poster, have it printed at a print shop, it is delivered within 24 hours, and you put it up in your window beside the 20% discount poster.

Now, imagine the same scenario, but you have a large digital sign in your window, and it alternates between your 20% discount design and your new promotion. Imagine how much quicker, more efficient, and effective it is to have a digital sign showing your promotions rather than having posters in your windows. That is just a hint of the power of digital signs.

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Digital Signs Are a Tool

How you use your tool is really up to you. You could stick to showing static images of your promotions since it is a pretty good way of advertising your business or products.

On the other hand, you could show videos of your offers and promotions, which will both draw people’s attention and help sell your products.

Go a step further, and why not show your online adverts on your digital signs? That way, the video adverts you commission for affiliate links and social media are also used on your digital signs, extending the value of the money you spent on your online video adverts.

What if you changed your video adverts or video posters frequently to see which are the most effective? That way, your digital sign also acts as a market research tool.

What if your digital signs also directed people around your store, thereby giving you control over your customer experience? This also means you can hone the experience to benefit your business in the most efficient and effective way.

Do You See the Pattern of Evolution?

Going from simply having posters in your windows, to being able to funnel people into your business, control their experience and use it to your advantage. Those are just a few ways that digital signs may be used as tools for the betterment of your business.

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How you use your digital signs is really up to you. Do not make the mistake of thinking they are simply promotional tools. Many businesses use them to communicate live information to their staff. Others use the digital signs simply to direct people to the bathrooms and car parks during events. Even universities are using them during exams to help funnel students into the correct rooms.

Expand the Use of Your Digital Signs

Get creative and you will be surprised how many uses your digital signs have. You may also be glad to learn that you are not the first person to come up with such creative ideas. For example, if you want to schedule your content to match weather patterns, then you can do that with the correct software. For example, Kitcast allows you to schedule your content, and you could exploit this in a crazy number of ways. You could promote your umbrellas during rainy times of the day, and sun hats during sunny times of the day. 

You could schedule your content so that the child-friendly adverts appear when the kids come out of school. Perhaps you run a few adverts targeted at older persons during the morning when more elderly people tend to walk around towns and shopping centers. You can be as creative as you like with your digital signs. They are far more than simple-picture promotional tools. They could quickly become an integral part of your business and customer experience.