Discounts on attic antenna installations extended until end of year

I spoke to Jim Daniel, owner of Attic Antenna, this week and asked him if we would be willing to extend the discounts on his attic antenna service to Noobie readers until the end of the year. Good news for us. Jim happily agreed.

So if you have been thinking about dropping your satellite or cable programming in favor of free over-the-air digital programming or if you already receive over-the-air analog programming and want to make sure you are ready for the upcoming digital transition, you owe it to yourself to give Jim and Attic Antenna a call. Make sure you use one of the two coupons below to save yourself some dough in the process.

More information on attic antennas

If you are sitting on the fence wondering if an attic antenna is right for you, check out the good and the bad of using an attic antenna.

And if you want a refresher on Jim Daniel and Attic Antenna, here’s an excerpt from the last time I wrote about them:

The company I used is a local Indianapolis-based company called Attic Antenna. The owner, Jim Daniel who did the actual installation himself, took no time at all to convince me he was a professional and knew exactly what he was doing. He even wore protective covers over his shoes to keep my house clean and hooked up the antenna signal at each television in my house to make sure I was receiving the best picture possible at each location.

You may wonder how I found Jim and Attic Antenna. I’m a member of Angie’s List and it doesn’t take long for a search on Angie’s List to pop Attic Antenna’s name to the top or your search results. Attic Antenna has 46 reports on Angie’s List and has received an “A” grade on just about every category from just about every customer. Believe me, they deserve it.

I also liked how approachable Jim was when it came to asking questions and understanding what he was doing. We even struck up a general conversation about how we think the digital transition is going to go over next year.

Updated coupons with new expiration date

The first coupon is for a complete attic antenna installation. It’s what I got and would recommend it to anyone. I now have 25 all digital channels. None of which cost me a single penny to receive.

$20 off new attic antenna installation

If you have problems printing the above coupon, try printing this PDF: attic-antenna-20-dollars-off-exp-12-31-08.pdf

The second coupon is for service work related to service work for households with an existing antenna. Maybe you need to have another room wired for over-the-air programming or you need help hooking up your antenna to a digital converter box to receive digital programming.

5% off service call

If you have problems printing the above coupon, try printing this PDF: attic-antenna-5-percent-off-exp-12-31-08.pdf

Both coupons expire December 31, 2008

One word of caution. Both of these coupons expire December 31, 2008 so you don’t have a lot of time. To take advantage of either of these coupons, print this page to your printer or use the PDF links if you need a more printer friendly version of the coupons. Then call Jim Daniel at 317-781-0149 and tell him Mr. Noobie sent you and you’d like to use your coupon. Jim will take care of the rest and then take care of you!

Note: Attic Antenna is an Indianapolis based company. Apologies in advance to those of you outside of the Indianapolis area if you are unable to take advantage of these discounts.