Do I Need a Faster Internet Connection?

Do I need a faster Internet connection?

In this video tip, Mr. Noobie discusses how Internet speed is measured and what speeds are needed for specific Internet functions in order to help you determine whether or not you need a faster Internet connection.

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I feel the need for speed! Is your Internet connection fast enough or should I get something faster? And what does getting a faster Internet connection buy you?

Hi, I’m Mr. Noobie and today I want to help you answer the question, do I need a faster Internet connection?

Before I answer that question though, let’s talk about how Internet speed is measured. Usually your Internet Service Provider will give you two numbers, a download speed and an upload speed, and usually these are measured in Mbps or megabits per second.

Higher Mbps equals faster speeds

Now I’m not one for getting all technical so let’s just concentrate on these two facts. Number one, the higher the megabits per second number is, the faster your Internet connection is. So if you have a 15 megabits per second download speed and your neighbor has a 30 megabits per second download speed, your neighbor’s Internet connection is roughly twice as fast as yours.

Download speed is more important

The second fact I want you to remember is that the download number is more important than the upload number. You see, downloading is when you are requesting information from the Internet. This could be when you are viewing a web page, checking your email or viewing your Facebook or Instagram feed. Uploading is when you are pushing information back out to the Internet, like when you send an email or post a photo to Facebook.

The majority of the time, you’re using the download portion of your Internet connection which is why your Internet Service Provider usually gives you a lot more speed, or bigger megabits per second number, to download than they do to upload. By the way, this is completely normal.

Check your existing speed

If you want to check your existing speeds, and I recommend you do, head over and click the begin test button. After a few minutes, you’ll see a report of your average download and upload speeds. Just keep in mind that these numbers may vary throughout the day based on peak Internet usage so you may want to repeat the test a few times throughout the day.

How much speed do you need?

So armed with this information, let’s talk about how much download speed you really need. Well, it depends on how you use the Internet. If you live by yourself and only use the Internet to occasionally surf the web or check your email, you can probably get by with one of the lower tier packages your Internet Service Provider offers, probably something with around a 3 megabits per second download.

If you, or other people in your home, like to stream television shows and movies across your Internet connection or you do a lot of Skype or FaceTime video calls, you’re going to want something faster, like a 15-25 megabits per second download. Otherwise your streaming video might look like this.

This wouldn’t be happening if you had a faster Internet connection.

And finally, if you’re like me with multiple people in the house who like to stream video, and two teenage boys who stream video games, stream music and hang out on video calls with their friends, you’re going to want one of the higher tier packages from your Internet Service Provider, something along the lines of 50-75 megabits per second.

Of course, your Internet Service Provider may offer speeds even faster than this so if you’re like me, you’ll want all the speed you can get.

Keep in mind, the faster your Internet speed is, the faster your web pages will load when you surf the Internet and the faster files will download to your computer. Is it worth the extra money to have a large file download in a few seconds vs. several minutes? Only you can answer that question.

Balance budget and speed

In the end, the goal is to find the perfect balance between your budget and your need for speed. If you’re still having trouble deciding, pick up the phone and call your Internet Service Provider to see what options are available to you.

This tech tip is brought to you by XFINITY. For more information on how you can get high-speed Internet access in your home, visit