Do I need anti-virus protection on my iPad? [ASK MR. NOOBIE]

Ask Mr. NoobieQUESTION: Do I need to put anti-virus on my iPad or is it enough to have it on my desktop? I am really confused if I am supposed to do something and how to do it. – Mary from Greenwood, Indiana

ANSWER: Give yourself a pat on the back, Mary, for being aware that viruses and other malware are a widespread problem with computers and other electronic gadgets. Most people still think that viruses only infect other people’s computers. Not true at all.

But the iPad is a unique device. It’s tightly controlled by Apple and the only way you can install software on it (without jailbreaking it which if you don’t know what this means you haven’t done) is to download an app from Apple’s App Store. And all apps in the App Store have to be approved by Apple.

The only other issue would be clicking on a malicious link while browsing the Internet using Safari or another browser but even then, Apple is very particular in what the browser can and can’t do on the iPad.

So while I’m not going to be as bold as to say that you can never get a virus on your iPad, I will tell you that it is highly unlikely.

You can still get into a lot of trouble

I do want to point out, however, that while you may not get a virus on your iPad, you can still get yourself into a lot of trouble with it. For example, if you open an email on your iPad from someone claiming that your online banking password needs to be changed and you fall for it, thus giving an anonymous website your banking password, you’re still going to be in a heap of trouble, iPad or no iPad.

Just be sure to exercise the same caution on your iPad that you would on your desktop computer and you should be fine.