Droid MAXX: Slick new features and still best in class for battery life [REVIEW]

Droid MAXX frontAs a former owner and lover of the Droid RAZR MAXX smartphone, I was really looking forward to testing the newest model of this series, simply called the Droid MAXX. The Droid MAXX is a Verizon Wireless exclusive smartphone and is the first in a new series of phones released by the now Google-owned Motorola (or as they put it, Motorola – a Google company).

For those of you who don’t already know, the MAXX refers to the crazy-good battery life on this phone. Ok, I’m not actually 100% sure that’s true but that’s pretty much how everybody thinks of it. I have yet to find another smartphone that can outlast the battery on the Droid MAXX.

I could give you all of the specs on the battery but it’s easier to just tell you that the Droid MAXX will easily make it through one full day of use and well into the next day before it needs to be charged. I know that doesn’t sound that impressive but most other smartphones on the market struggle to make it through one day of full use without needing recharging.

The only downside to the fantastic battery life is that it adds to the weight of the phone. So yes, the Droid MAXX is heavier than most smartphones but if battery life is your thing, you won’t mind a bit.

Other features I like

Touch anywhere camera. Besides having a great battery, the Droid MAXX comes packed with a few new bells and whistles that I really like and that quite honestly, I can’t believe no one has thought of before. Like being able to touch anywhere on the screen to take a photo. I often find it difficult to hold my smartphone steady while trying to press the on-screen shutter button so this was a refreshing change.

Simple multi-shot. You can also take multiple shots in a row by just pressing and holding down on the screen. With most other smartphones you have to first put your camera in multi-shot mode before it will do this. Again, why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Motion activated camera. Another nice feature of the camera is that you can set the Droid MAXX up to activate the camera with a flick of your wrist. This saves a lot of time over hunting for the camera icon when you need to take a photo in a hurry.

Slow motion video. The video portion of the camera can now take slow-motion video. When I found this feature, I thought it sounded silly because I’ve always been able to edit any video I want on my computer and set the speed as fast or slow as I want. But this feature cuts out the middleman which means you don’t have to do any editing. Which also means you can post your slow-motion videos directly to YouTube, Facebook or any other social media.

Wireless charging. Say goodbye to connecting your smartphone to an electrical outlet to charge it. With the Droid MAXX you can just set the phone on a charging pad and let it do its thing. Too bad the charging pad isn’t include and has to be purchased separately.

Google Now… wow!

Droid MAXX Google NowQuite possibly the coolest feature of the Droid MAXX is the integration of Google Now which allows you to speak commands to your phone as long as you start them with “Ok, Google Now…” So if you want to know what the weather is going to be like you can just say, “Ok, Google Now, tell me what the weather will be like today” and Google will respond with the relevant weather information for that day.

The best part though? You can do this without activating the phone. That’s right. Even if your phone is sitting on a table 3 feet away from you, you can bark out a Google Now command and the Droid MAXX will respond. It’s impressive, trust me.

Things I didn’t like

I really didn’t have many complaints about the Droid MAXX but one thing did bug me. It seems like the organization of the phone’s settings were put in multiple “layers” which made me feel like I was always taking a bunch of extra steps to get to the setting I wanted. Granted, I don’t configure the settings that often so this might be one flaw I could look past.

I guess if you had to find one other downside to the Droid MAXX it would be the price. The Droid MAXX will set you back $300 with a new 2-year activation. Not completely overpriced but definitely on the higher end of the spectrum of smartphone prices.

My recommendation

My recommendation on the Droid MAXX is pretty simple. If you like the features I just described and want incredible battery performance from your smartphone, go with the Droid MAXX. If battery is the #1 most important smartphone feature for you, the Droid MAXX is your only choice.

Note: The Droid MAXX in this review was provided to me by Verizon Wireless and can be purchased at your local Verizon Wireless store or at www.verizonwireless.com.