The Top 10 Educational TikToks to Follow

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TikTok is the latest and greatest social media platform to grace the internet, boasting over 800 million active users at last count and more than 2 billion downloads to date. The site presents content in the form of short, engaging video clips, often with popular songs used as background music. The platform rocketed to $50 billion in stardom practically directly after its launch to the global market in 2017, and today, viewers watch more than 1 billion videos on TikTok every day.

A hefty 41% of TikTok’s audience are young Millennials and Gen Zers aged 16 to 24. This makes it an excellent platform through which to reach teenagers and young adults with trendy educational content. Much of the content created and posted on TikTok is comedic or trend-related. But that isn’t all you can find on the site. You’ll also notice plenty of educational content, which TikTok promotes on its #LearnOnTikTok hashtag.

Here are some of the best educational TikToks to follow to learn new facts and skills in a modern way. On these accounts, you can find precisely the educational content you’ve been looking for!

Finding Educational Content Using Hashtags

There are many specific content creators you can search on TikTok, as long as you have their usernames on hand. However, if you would rather search through videos according to topics, you can find a wide range of educational channels by searching through hashtags like:

  • #Education
  • #LearnonTikTok
  • #School
  • #TikTokEducation
  • #LearnSomethingNew
  • and #LearnFromHome.

You can also use more specific hashtags like #Science, #Biology, #Technology, #ClimateChange, and #Entomology to find what you’re searching for. It doesn’t matter if what you’re looking for hasn’t gone viral, TikTok makes finding content easy.

TikTok’s Top 10 Educational Channels Revealed

#1: @billnye

Who doesn’t love Bill Nye the Science Guy? Nowadays, Bill has kept with the times and started a TikTok account to share his enthralling scientific facts and lessons with people of all ages. Although he is advancing in age, his TikTok account shows he has no intention of halting his mission to share his love of science with the world.

#2: @neildegrassetyson

Neil de Grasse Tyson is another of the world’s most famous and widely beloved scientists who has recently joined TikTok in a bid to reach wider audiences. The iconic physicist uses his TikTok channel to expand his science popularization work, taking on a wide range of scientific questions, phenomena, and misconceptions. His sense of humor is infectious, which makes his content that much more share-worthy!

#3: @mathswithmisschang

Miss Chang is a mathematics teacher based in London in the United Kingdom. She offers easy-to-follow tips that assist school-goers to solve common math problems with ease. Furthermore, she also shares interesting and uncommon problems (and their solutions) that students may not otherwise encounter in the classroom.

#4: @thephysicsgirl

The Physics Girl, known in the real world as Dianna Cowern, is already a popular and widely shared science educational content creator on YouTube. She has recently started posting her content on TikTok and now shares engaging and enlightening videos about the laws of physics that are short, captivating, and memorable.

#5: @discovery

Discovery Channel is already a world-renowned educational network that touches on topics from biology and zoology to physics, chemistry, and more. Nowadays, you can watch brief yet informative Discovery snippets on the network’s TikTok channel. Here, you can learn about the marvels of the animal kingdom, geographical phenomena, our changing climate, and the latest advancements in modern technology.

#6: @instituteofhumananatomy

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the incredible human body? If so, check out the Institute of Human Anatomy’s TikTok channel for answers to all of your most pressing anatomy questions. The channel covers everything from the human skeleton, organs, and muscle structure to the wonders of the brain and the nervous system it controls.

#7: @marktilbury

If you’re looking for financial and investment advice, why not take it from a self-made millionaire and highly successful CEO? Mark Tilbury uses his TikTok account to share educational content on how to manage your money, save wisely, and earn more using proven and trusted methods.

#8: @spanishteacher

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and its Latin roots make it valuable for anyone to learn. If you’re interested in learning the language, the Spanish Teacher can help. She holds two degrees in Spanish teaching and provides easy-to-follow and actionable learning tips to all of her non-native-speaking followers.

#9: @historyavenue

Information about history is easy enough to find online, but History Avenue gives the topic new life through their TikTok channel. The channel posts unusual, rare, and overlooked historical facts along with footage and images to keep viewers immersed. Even the most seasoned of history fanatics will learn something new from this channel.

#10: @blondiebytes

Blondiebytes is a software engineer and programmer by trade. She reveals more about her industry to her audience and shares her experiences as a woman in STEM. Additionally, she answers common questions about the daily details of her job and basic programming and engineering topics. Anyone wanting to get ahead in their career should check her out.

Additional Channels for College Students

TikTok has plenty of fantastic educational channels and guides available for college and university students. Arianna Tamayo (@ari.tamayo) offers fun and simple note-taking and studying tips for different subjects, and Study Revision Notes (@studyrevisionnotes) has unique revision and writing tips to share.

Rose (@roseknowstests), a test preparation tutor since 2008, can share essential ACT information, standardized testing tips, and advice on studying smarter. Ivy League Guide (@ivyleagueguide) even boasts tips on how to apply to Ivy League Schools and how to study, straight from real college admission coaches. The latter channel offers email and essay writing tips and answers to commonly asked questions to put your mind at ease.

Teaching – The TikTok Way

In the last decade, the internet, social media, online gaming, and platforms like YouTube have changed the way we learn. Now, TikTok is doing the same. The TikTok channels mentioned above are just a few of the hundreds of fascinating educational channels available for TikTok users to explore.

Make an account and check out the popular social media channel. You can learn a wide range of new skills and facts from passionate educators across the globe.