5 Surefire Ways to Enhance Your Mac Experience

Enhance Mac experience

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Mac is a great machine to own, with a premium look and feel and excellent features. You wouldn’t mind shelling out a considerable sum for the device because it is worth every dollar you spend. The good thing is that you can do a bit to improve the overall experience beyond imagination. You need not be a seasoned user or a tech genius to achieve the best performance, security, and memory with your Mac. Just follow these surefire ways, and you are good to go.

Learn the Shortcuts

As a beginner, you will be surprised by the range of shortcuts Mac devices offer. Learning them and using them in routine can make you far more productive than you imagine. You can do more with less by just developing the habit. The best thing about Mac shortcuts is that you get to create custom ones according to your preference and usage. A little research and practice can make you comfortable with shortcuts.

Keep it Clutter-free

Most users do not even realize the kind of stress unnecessary files and folders can bring to a computer. Clutter is bad for devices, even if you own a high-power machine. Make sure that your Mac is clutter-free to keep it running seamlessly. Avoid having redundant files and folders around, and purge the system often. Even if you need to store a large number of files, keep them well-organized in folders. Be extra conscious about decluttering the desktop.

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Quit Redundant Apps

Besides cleaning the unneeded files from the system, you should also quit redundant apps to get the best from the device. Uninstalling apps is easier than you imagine, and you can read here to understand the process. Also, close resource-intensive apps like Photoshop or Excel when not using them. Some apps run in the background by default and sap resources without giving a hint. Keep track of such apps and close them until you require them.

Use Safari for Browsing

Another simple measure to get the best experiences from your Mac is to use Safari for internet browsing. Surprisingly, picking the right browser can influence the device’s performance, and Safari is the one optimized for Apple hardware. Select it over Chrome or Firefox, and you can get snappier performance and longer battery life. Chrome or Firefox are notorious for hogging memory as well.

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Focus on Better Battery Habits

Making your device battery last longer is an equally crucial aspect of getting the best from it. You can focus on better battery habits at all times, and it does not require you to do a lot. Start by keeping the device away from heat. As a rule, you should recharge from time to time. Avoid leaving your Mac plugged in all the time. Conversely, you must not let it discharge completely.

These simple tips and tricks can go a long way in making Mac experiences better for newbies and seasoned users. Integrating these habits will not require much work, but it can give you the best performance and memory ever.