Even a techie can get frustrated

iPhoneThis article is for all you noobies out there that think bad things only happen to you. I have been happily chugging along with my new iPhone for a couple of months now with very few complaints. That is, until now.

A little over one week ago, Apple pushed down a new iTunes update to my computer. Ever since the update was installed, my iPhone will no longer synchronize with my Outlook calendar. Instead I get a rather unfriendly error message telling me that the Outlooksyncclient.exe program has failed.

I’m a techie and should know what to do

When I first received this error, I thought it was just a one time bug and I of course rebooted my computer. That’s what we tell you noobies to do every time anyway, right? Well you may have already guessed that it did not fix the problem.

So off to the Internet I went to find out if other people were experiencing the same issue and hopefully to read what the solution was. It didn’t take me long. A few well constructed Google keywords told me that many others were experiencing the same issue, all after the latest iTunes update from Apple.

Unfortunately, the posts I read were big on problem descriptions but small on solutions. Some offered up a possible solution here or there but none of them seemed to work for me.

I even went as far as uninstalling my copy of iTunes and re-installing the older version-the one before the problem started. Nope, that didn’t work either.

Giving up

After several hours across several days, I finally gave up. Yup, it happens to techies too. Since Apple has officially acknowledged the problem on their message forums (a step in the right direction), I guess I will just wait until the next iTunes update comes out and cross my fingers that it fixes the problem.