How to Express Your Uniqueness in Communication

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Communication is always evolving, thanks to digital technology. Today, young people from different parts of the world are using emojis and abbreviations in chats to make communication brighter. For instance, a person can use a shrug emoji to brighten the day of a loved one. It just needs to be used in the right context to serve the intended purpose. However, knowing how to use such expressions in social media may not be enough in the corporate world.

Many people realize the importance of possessing excellent communication skills when searching for a job. That’s because uniqueness is a common theme in this world. When applying for a job or even attending an interview, potential employers want to know what makes a candidate unique. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to express their uniqueness in communication.

Research has shown that language is a dominant factor in modern communication. It’s an unusual mode that seems intimately tied to the equally unusual symbolic thought-form and speck apparatus. And, these are unique to every human. Mastering your uniqueness in communication can, therefore, be a great way to reflect your personality, connect with the audience, and stand out. Here’s how you can do it.

Identify Your Values

You can’t express what you don’t know in communication. Therefore, start by identifying your values or what makes you unique. This should be the core purpose of the communication. If you want to communicate for a brand, understand the core values of your company. This will enable you to formulate the right message and identify the right language for conveying it effectively.

Therefore, start by understanding why you want to communicate. Know the message that you want to convey and what makes it unique. Know the values that you want to share with the audience and outline them.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

To express your uniqueness, you must be comfortable with who you are. Therefore, start by accepting yourself. Focus on what makes you different from other people. Bear in mind the fact that nobody else is like you. You’re a unique person and this should come out in your communication.

Therefore, love yourself regardless of your weaknesses or strengths. Being weak can be an opportunity for growth. As such, respect yourself and make your emotional and physical wellbeing your primary responsibility. Be true to yourself and make this come out in what you say and how you say it.

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Always Speak Your Mind

Every mind is unique. This should come out in your communication. Let your audience know that you think differently. Trying to express the ideas of other people will only make you seem like you have a collective brain or shared consciousness with them. Therefore, focus on your individuality when it comes to expressing your thoughts.

Sharing ideas with other people may seem cool. However, let how you present your ideas sound unique. Make sure that your individuality and personality come out in what you say and how you say it.

Know the Audience

To express your uniqueness in a communication that the audience will understand, you must know the recipient first. If you don’t know your target audience, your communication might be irrelevant to the recipient. When you know the audience, you can easily determine the right approach and way to deliver a relevant message. Therefore, research your target audience to adapt your messages to suit their personas.

This can include defining the right tone to use in the messages that you wish to communicate. Researching the audience can be a complex and broad process. However, it will help you when packaging and delivering your messages.

Audit Your Communications or Messages

Before you deliver your messages, audit them carefully to ensure that they express your uniqueness. Make sure that your communications express your personality and values. To do so, find out if your communication fits the values that you want to communicate. Also, make sure that your messages reflect those values.

Additionally, determine the tone to use to express your uniqueness. For instance, do you want to adopt a serious or funny tone, casual or formal voice, irrelevant or respectful tone? Do you want to sound enthusiastic or as a matter-of-fact?

Deciding on the tone to use will enable you to express your uniqueness in communication more effectively. The tone that you adapt to your communication can vary depending on the message. Thus, you can use different tones depending on the context.

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Package Your Messages Properly

Every public speaker or presentation expert knows that uniqueness can be expressed in communication by packaging the messages properly. Here’s what you should do when packaging your messages:

  • Have three main points only- Most people will count from one to three and forget the rest. Thus, most people won’t remember your fourth, fifth, and tenth point. Therefore, to express your uniqueness in communication, try to have a maximum of three major points in your presentation.
  • Use visual designs- Focus on having big visual designs instead of text. That’s because the human brain can process visual information faster than text.
  • Deliver your messages passionately- How messages are delivered to the audience can influence the perception of a communicator. Therefore, be passionate about the messages that you communicate. Let the audience see that you’re passionate about the subject and this can bring you out as a unique person.

The Bottom Line

Everybody is naturally unique. And, your uniqueness should shine whenever you communicate. Whether you communicate when applying for a job, attending an interview, networking, or posting on social media, people should see your uniqueness. Clients, friends, and co-workers should see you as a unique and authentic person. That’s what will attract more people to you.

Therefore, be yourself and express your thoughts and ideas in your communication. Don’t try to be who you are not or sound like you share your brain and consciousness with somebody else. Instead, follow these tips to express your uniqueness in communication whether it’s in your business, career, or personal life.