Why do my Facebook videos play in Chrome but not in Safari?

Ask Mr. NoobieQUESTION: I wish the comments weren’t closed on the Flash video not playing on Facebook question, because it is still a problem. I am not a noobie either, but the issue is recent to me. I record a video on my iPhone, upload to Facebook, and then I can’t play the video on my computer with Safari browser because I get the annoying Flash upgrade required to view this content message. I do not have Flash on my computer, never have and never will. When using Chrome, the video plays fine, so I’m thinking this is a Safari issue. Thoughts? – Cathey S. from Cottonwood, Arizona

ANSWER: Yes, this is most likely a Safari issue. I say this because you mentioned that your Facebook videos play just fine in Chrome. You probably have one of the latest versions of Chrome which now have a Flash player built right into the browser.

On the other hand, your version of the Safari browser requires you to install the Flash player separately, as you mentioned.

My normal response to this would be to tell you to just go ahead and install the Flash player so your videos work in Safari. But based on your “never have and never will” response, I’m guessing this isn’t a viable solution for you.

So my next best response would be to make Chrome your primary browser and leave Safari behind. I use Chrome on all of my computers and laptops and even on my iPad. I still think it’s the best browser available with Firefox being a close second. Safari would be a last resort for me.

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