5 Features Of The Top HP Chromebooks

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HP Chromebooks are created with versatility in mind to suit different kinds of computer users. If you’re looking for a value-driven laptop powered by the impressive Chrome OS, HP has great options to consider! You can even customize your Chromebook to suit your needs. There are many desirable features you’ll find in an HP Chromebook and we’ve highlighted some of the best qualities in this post.

HP Chromebooks Features To Experience

In this article:

1. Chrome Operating System

The Chrome operating system is a given bonus when choosing any Chromebook. The security of the Chrome operating system is important especially in today’s world of security unknowns.

The Chrome OS is also user-friendly and manageable for most people familiar with the Google Chrome browser. Another great advantage of the Chrome OS is its access to thousands of Android apps.

2. The Display


The HP Chromebook models of today are very portable. Much of this is thanks to its 11.6″ diagonal display. The Chromebooks from HP are backlit which saves battery power and provides beautiful colors on your screen at the same time. Aside from better battery life, they also have high definition and anti-glare built right in.

3. Memory

No matter what Chromebook model you choose, you likely won’t have to worry about memory. Your Chromebook will have the finesse to run applications quickly and with ease. This is because it comes with at least 4 GB of onboard system memory. You’ll also have the option of upgrading to 8 GB for HP’s customizable Chromebook laptops.

As for your documents, pictures, and other files, HP Chromebooks pack 16 GB of robust internal storage. Choose a customizable Chromebook option and you’ll have the ability to choose up to 64 GB of internal storage.

4. The Keyboard


Opt for an HP Chromebook that you can customize and you’ll be given additional options for your keyboard. It becomes both spill and dust resistant. You can also choose to add a backlit keyboard that can be helpful when typing in low-light environments.

5. The Processor

HP Chromebooks processors can handle schoolwork and business activities alike. Its Intel Turbo Boost technology is built right in so your Chromebook will also be able to handle those times when you need to manage several applications at once. You’ll also be able to stream your favorite videos with the powerful punch that the Intel processor packs.

Still not familiar with Chromebooks? Watch the video below to find out.

The HP Chromebook comes with some impressive standard features that make it a solid workhorse for nearly anything you might want it to do. When you add in the fact that you can customize your Chromebook to meet your specific needs, this laptop is a solid buy that’s as powerful as it is portable.

Do you own an HP Chromebook? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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