Flutter Developer Salaries: A Brief Guide for Employers

Flutter developer salary

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Flutter is a framework that took off right from the start. Many software companies embraced it since it enables developers to write one code for both iOS and Android, reducing time and costs for end clients. But how to define the Flutter developer salary, and what is the average salary of Flutter developers? Let’s find out!

What is Flutter?

Before we discuss flutter developer jobs salaries, we need to know what this framework is all about. 

Flutter is a relatively new open-source mobile app development framework that’s been quickly gaining steam in the developer community. By offering hot reload, fast startup times, and a single codebase for both iOS and Android apps, Flutter has been able to make serious inroads with developers looking for a more straightforward mobile app development process.

Many great platforms are using it – including giants like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba.

Flutter App Developer Salary in the US

Flutter app developer salary in the US is nothing like that in other regions in the world. According to Talent.com, a Flutter developer’s salary per hour is on average $56,41 or $110,000 annually. Flutter app developer salary entry level is another story. It’s between $70,000-$76,000.

But the average salary includes many interns, junior, and mid-level developers. While mid-level devs are worth about $120k, seniors might exceed $150k easily.

Well, when thinking about outsourcing, many companies get stuck on the idea that they can’t afford it. However, as outsourcing continues to become more widespread, many companies use third-party services to avoid hiring multiple people on high US and Western European salaries. The key is doing your research and learning what the best options for you are!

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The Average Salary of Flutter Developers in Other Parts of the World

No one’s got a bottomless wallet, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Over the last few years, several regions have emerged as next-gen destinations for an affordable, highly skilled workforce. From Latin America to Eastern Europe and Asia – here are the most affordable locations where you can hire developers and designers who are just as good as their more expensive counterparts.


Given India’s passion for technology and business, it’s no surprise that over 5 million developers call the country home. With such a wealth of talent, businesses can easily find top-tier software engineers for as low as $30 an hour – ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. However, there might be some problems with high-quality developers and time zone differences.

Latin America

Latin America and Brasil are both very popular destinations for international companies to expand their business. The whole region (bar Brasil) speaks the same language. Developer prices are reasonably competitive, with small to medium-sized companies paying about $40-60 per hour. English proficiency is not always guaranteed, however, which is a large issue for European and Australian/NZ brands looking to expand their development hubs there.

Eastern Europe

Eastern European developers are a great match for corporations in Western Europe. This is because they charge 30-50% less than Western European developers and still live close to their clients, giving them much more flexible working hours. American businesses often outsource jobs to Eastern Europe since there are many talented programmers there, and they speak English as well as share many cultural traits with the rest of Europe.

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Ways to Hire Employees

There are also several ways to hire professional devs.

Freelance Platforms

If you get into a bind for staff, don’t be afraid to use freelancer platforms. There are many talented writers and developers on freelance platforms who can help with a range of tasks, from writing copy to creating web apps – all for a fraction of the price of full-time employees. However, you cannot rely on them in the long term.


Agencies provide a different level of expertise that is invaluable to businesses. Agencies are great at scaling projects and providing you with talent that you would have to spend time sourcing on your own. The cost of hiring an agency can be more expensive than a freelance solution since the average salary of flutter developers in agencies takes many factors into consideration. But if you’re looking for a short-term or long-term partner, the benefits are worth it.