Four Surprising Industries Perfect for People Who Code

Industries for people who code

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You might think that coding skills are only good for landing jobs in fields like web design and software programming. However, these crucial skills can be used across more industries and sectors than you might have previously thought.

The enormous demand for developers and programmers is currently not met by the number of trained professionals in the labor market – something that industry experts have gone as far as to label a “crisis”.

It needn’t be this way. Getting into coding and learning the basics has never been easier. Education-focused microcomputers such as Arduino boards provide the perfect platform to hone your coding skills and start on the path to a fruitful career in coding.

But where might that career take you? Let’s investigate some of the sectors in need of help.


Whether it’s taking us to and from work, shipping goods across the world, or helping people see more parts of the planet, there’s no denying that transport systems underpin much of our existence.

Within this sector, there is a huge need for computing – whether it is to create the vehicles that transport us, navigation systems that keep things moving, or supply chains that mean nothing gets left behind.

There are so many different directions in which a coding career in transport could take you.

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The financial markets and technology go hand in hand more now than they ever have before and that trend shows no sign of reversing any time soon.

Whether it is stocks and shares, banking security, or investment decisions – much of this is undertaken by sophisticated computer systems that take much of the decision-making out of human hands.


Similar to finance, many tasks that were previously manual are now assisted or completely undertaken by the use of computer programs.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in construction has been a game-changer – allowing project managers to foresee problems before they occur and give homeowners a feel of their new residence before spades have even been put in the ground.

Programs that monitor workloads and tool outputs can also make builds much more efficient than previously – as well as safer for the tradespeople involved in work that is often filled with potential danger.

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Making a difference in people’s health doesn’t have to come with a medical degree.

Digitized medical records and analyzing medicinal breakthroughs with the use of computer modeling have sped up processes in facilities the world over and no doubt saved lives.

Hospitals in different states – even countries – can now share information on patients and diseases in a flash, helping to solve problems much faster than before.