From Blockbuster to Netflix

Netflix free trialIt’s time to try out Netflix. I canceled my Blockbuster Total Access subscription last week and immediately subscribed to Netflix. My goal is to be completely familiar with each company’s DVD rental program so I can pass along that knowledge to my readers and my clients.

My initial impression of Netflix is very positive. It was easy to sign up and easy to select movies. Not to mention my first three selections showed up in my mailbox in record time.

Perhaps the only negative so far is that Netflix only offers a two week free trial. My Blockbuster free trial was one month but only because I received a special invitation code from them via email. Funny thing is, I checked Blockbuster’s web site and when I clicked on the free trial link a second time, I couldn’t find anywhere on the web site that told me how long the “normal” free trial was. Not even after looking through the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

I’m also anxious to report back on the new unlimited download feature available from Netflix. Stay tuned right here for an upcoming report.