Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should You Buy One Or Not?

Feature | Samsung Galaxy Fold experience | Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should You Buy One Or Not?
The Samsung Galaxy Fold release may have been delayed, but the electronics giant is still committed to bringing this revolutionary phone to the market. Keep reading to see everything we know so far to help you decide whether or not the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the right phone for you.

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  4. What’s in the Box?
  5. The Competition

Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold Worth It Or Not?

Key Features

  • Foldable Infinity Flex display
  • Two screen sizes in one phone
  • Articulated spine for smooth folding
  • App Continuity
  • App multi-tasking supports up to three apps simultaneously
  • Six pro-grade cameras (plus one expansive viewfinder in the form of the display)
  • Optimum speed and performance (Snapdragon 855 processor + 12GB RAM + 512GB built-in storage)
  • Long-running dual battery
  • Wireless PowerShare enables it to share power with other devices as well

Samsung Galaxy Fold Specs

Samsung Galaxy Fold color options | Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should You Buy One Or Not?
Samsung Galaxy Fold Photo by Samsung

Dimensions, Weight, Colors

  • Dimensions:
    • Unfolded: 117.9 x 160.9 x 7.5 mm (Frame)–6.9 mm (Screen)
    • Folded: 62.9 x 160.9 x 17.0 mm (Hinge)–15.5 mm (Sagging)
  • Weight: 263 g
  • Colors: Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Martain Green, Astro Blue


  • Operating System: Android 9 Pie
  • Cover Display: 4.6-inch, 21:9, 720 x 1680, 399ppi, Super AMOLED
  • Processor: 7nm 64-bit octa-core, 2.84GHz + 2.41GHz + 1.78GHz
  • Storage: 512GB
  • Memory: 12GB RAM


  • Main Display: 7.3″ QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED Display (4.2:3), Infinity Flex Display (2152×1536), 362ppi
  • Cover Display: 4.6″ HD+ Super AMOLED Display (21:9), 720×1680, 399ppi


Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera capture | Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should You Buy One Or Not?
Samsung Galaxy Fold Photo by Samsung
  • Cover Camera (10 MP Selfie Camera)
    • Pixel size: 1.22μm
    • FOV: 80˚
    • F.No (aperture): F2.2
  • First Front Camera (10 MP Selfie Camera)
    • Pixel size: 1.22μm
    • FOV: 80˚
    • F.No (aperture): F2.2
  • Second Front Camera (8MP RGB Depth Camera)
    • Pixel Size: 1.12μm
    • FOV: 85˚
    • F.No (aperture): F1.9
    • Live Focus
  • First Rear Camera (16 MP Ultra Wide Camera)
    • Pixel size: 1.0μm
    • FOV: 123˚
    • F.No (aperture): F2.2
  • Second Rear Camera (12 MP Wide-Angle Camera)
    • Pixel size: 1.4μm
    • FOV: 77˚
    • Dual Aperture: F1.5 mode/F2.4 mode
    • Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS
  • Third Rear Camera (12 MP Telephoto Camera)
    • Pixel size: 1.0μm
    • FOV: 45˚
    • F.No (aperture): F2.4
    • PDAF, OIS

Network and Connectivity

  • Connectivity
    • Data: LTE model: Enhanced 2X2 MIMO, 6CA, LAA, LTE Cat.18, 5G model: Non-Standalone (NSA), Sub6
    • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2.4/5GHz), VHT80 MU-MIMO, 1024QAM
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth® v 5.0 (LE up to 2Mbps), ANT+, USB Type-C, NFC, Location (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou)

Battery Life and Charging

  • Charging: Fast Qi wireless charging, QuickCharge 2.0 wired charging
  • Battery: 4,235 mAh (5G model), 4,380 mAh (LTE model)


  • Security: Face recognition, capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • Audio: Stereo speakers, USB-C

Benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 

  • Two Devices in One — The Galaxy Fold gives you both a phone and a tablet. Thanks to its foldable design, you’ll have a sleek and reliable phone that won’t take up too much space when folded. Once you require a device with a wider screen, such as for gaming or streaming, you simply unfold the phone to enjoy its tablet-like 7-inch display.
  • Seamless Display Transition — Open an app on the cover display and via the Galaxy Fold’s App Continuity feature, have it immediately activated and flashed on the wider screen once you unfold the phone.
  • Easier Multitasking — With its Multi-Active Window feature, gone are the days when your smartphone had to devote its entire screen for a single app or program. With the Galaxy Fold, you can access and use up to three apps at the same time. Now you can watch a YouTube video while actively participating in your Messenger group chat and editing a Slack calendar.
  • Perfect for Photography Hobbyists and Professionals — The Galaxy Fold has six pro-grade cameras, and when unfolded, the display can serve as a massive viewfinder. Capture vivid photos and dynamic videos sans a bulky DLSR. Enhance your photos with the Fold’s built-in effects, such as color point, zoom, and spin.
  • Fast and Reliable Performance — Samsung has equipped the Fold with topnotch hardware to ensure speedy and dependable performance — Snapdragon 855 processor + 12GB RAM + 512GB built-in storage.
  • Extended and Shareable Battery — Samsung Fold has a long battery life, thanks to its dual battery. Should your phone have surplus power, you can share it via Wireless PowerShare. Just place a Qi-certified device in the middle of the phone to start charging.

Pricing: $1,980 

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What’s in the Box?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Package | Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should You Buy One Or Not?
Samsung Galaxy Fold Photo by Samsung
  • Device
  • Galaxy Buds
  • Data Cable
  • Travel Adapter
  • Ejection Pin
  • USB Connector (OTG)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Slim Cover

The Competition

Although the Galaxy Fold is a major breakthrough in the foldable phone technology, it’s not the first of its kind. The honor of being the first flexible foldable phone actually belongs to the FlexPai by Chinese-company Royole, which was launched on October 31 last year.

Here are other foldable phones that can give the FlexPai and the Galaxy Fold a run for its money:

  • Huawei Mate X: Unlike the Fold, which folds inward, the Huawei Mate X phone folds outward. Once unfolded, the Mate X becomes an 8″ tablet, which is slightly wider than the Fold. This Huawei phone’s premium features include 5G connectivity and the Kirin 980 processor.
  • Oppo Foldable Phone: The Oppo foldable phone shares a lot of similarities with the Mate X in terms of appearance. It’s also 5G ready, but there are no reports yet if the phone will be available in the US.
  • Motorola Razr 2019: Like the iconic flip-phone it’s based on, this foldable phone will unfold vertically. In the 2019 Razr, the space previously shared by the screen and keypad will be devoted entirely to the display. 
  • LG Bendi: LG has reportedly patented a foldable phone design, along with a couple of possible names for the phone. What’s unique about this phone is its ability to fold twice. 
  • Xiaomi Foldable Phone: From its bigger tablet mode, Xiaomi’s prototype folding phone can fold the two sides inward. This leaves the center display as the much-smaller phone version of the device.

Watch the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in this video from Samsung:

If you’re a fan of adopting new technology and have a little to spare, then the Samsung Galaxy Fold might just be the right choice for you. However, if you’re not really a fan of flashy new features and value function more than form, then this phone might not necessarily be what you need right now. Either way, we hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about this new smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold: yay or nay? Let us know why in the comments section below. 

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