Video Game Tester Jobs: How To Get Paid To Play Video Games

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Game tester jobs can be a great option if you’re hoping to ditch your 9-to-5. If you’re ready to take that leap, here’s everything you need to know about how to get paid playing video games.

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In this article:

  1. Who’s the Best Fit for Game Tester Jobs?
  2. How Much Can I Earn as a Video Game Tester?
  3. What Other Benefits Can I Expect?
  4. When Do I Have to Work?
  5. What Are People Saying About Gaming Jobs Online?
  6. Where Can I Sign Up?

Game Tester Jobs | Video Game Side Hustles

Who’s the Best Fit for Game Tester Jobs?

The straight answer is anybody. The only condition is that you must be passionate about video games.

Game testing is a crucial step in the video game development process. The opinions of both consumers and video game testers alike are valuable for game companies because this helps them improve their products.

The industry relies on avid gamers to spot bugs in video games before they are released to the market. Sometimes gaming companies have in-house game testers to do the job.

But, most often, they outsource the work. This is why there’s legit money to be made in game tester jobs. One company that offers this is Gaming Jobs Online, which has been a leading gaming jobs website since 2008.

How Much Can I Earn as a Video Game Tester?

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According to the site, game tester jobs could earn you an average of $49,063 a year. Testing new games could earn you as much as $30 per hour.

Aside from testing new games, there are also other side hustles you can do for the site. These include previewing game trailers, trying out new game consoles and accessories (bonus: you get to keep the product as well!) and answering online surveys. Depending on the job, you can earn between $4 and $150 per hour.

The more hours you put in, the bigger your earnings could be. Aside from the payment you get, you’ll also be eligible to receive game testing points that are convertible to the following:

  • Video games (such as the launched version of the game you tested)
  • Gaming accessories
  • Xbox vouchers
  • Corporate giveaways (mugs, USB drives, power banks, etc.)
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • PlayStation vouchers
  • Amazon vouchers and gift cards
  • Spotify/iTunes gift cards
  • Netflix subscription
  • Target vouchers and gift cards
  • Invites to gaming events such as the Japan Game Expo

Most payments and rewards are processed within 24 hours of game testing.

What Other Benefits Can I Expect?

Aside from the money you’ll earn, there are other invaluable benefits to be had from game tester jobs. First, you work at your own pace.

There’s no schedule that needs to be followed. You get to design your own work plan, depending on your personal availability and goals.

That is because there will be no boss breathing down your neck. You will be your own boss.

Most importantly, you will have the chance to play unreleased video games from the biggest companies in the industry, such as:

  • Nintendo
  • SEGA
  • 1C Company
  • Tencent
  • Pop Cap
  • CyberAgent

The games you’d be testing cover a wide range of genres, from sports to action/adventure. Game titles for testing are designed for major platforms, including Nintendo DS and Xbox 360, among others.

In exchange for these benefits, as a game tester, the thing expected of you is to be critical while playing. Your goal is to find glitches with music, graphics, and gameplay in general.

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When Do I Have to Work?

Professional Boy Gamer Plays in Video Game | Video Game Tester Jobs: How To Get Paid To Play Video Games

You can work any time and as much or as little as you want.

Another bonus — you can be anywhere to work. Game testing jobs on Gaming Jobs Online are offered in more than 150 countries. There’s no need to adjust to a specific timezone, too.

You can work from home or fulfill that digital nomad fantasy of yours. You can be from anywhere in the world, including, but not limited to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Brazil
  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Spain
  • Nigeria

Digital Nomad Definition: People who finance their globetrotting lifestyle by maximizing the use of telecommunication technologies.

What Are People Saying About Gaming Jobs Online?

On the website, several users have shared testimonials about their experience with Gaming Jobs Online.

Michael James Smith, Carson, California

Smith shared that he’d received his first game tester job after just 24 hours of signing up.

The questions he had had to answer were quite simple. He was asked if he’d encountered bugs or if the game froze at any level.

Seven days after completing the survey, Smith received his first paycheck. Two months after signing up as a game tester, he’d saved enough money to buy a 50-inch plasma TV plus surround sound Bose speakers.

Henry Williams, United Kingdom

Meanwhile, Henry Williams from the United Kingdom enjoyed having been able to earn while beta testing popular titles like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty. He also thanked the site for giving him the opportunity to earn money for doing something he loves.

Gongsan Young, South Korea 

Young claims he’s earned more than $700 just three weeks after signing up. He also recommends Gaming Jobs Online for anyone who’s seriously considering a career in the industry.

Where Can I Sign Up?

Gaming Jobs online | Video Game Tester Jobs: How To Get Paid To Play Video Games

How do you become a video game tester on Gaming Jobs Online? Just follow these three easy steps.

  1. Sign up with Gaming Jobs Online and pay the fee.
  2. Choose a job.
  3. Play and earn.

Note: There’s a flat rate charge for signing up because the platform doesn’t deduct commissions from the earnings of its game testers, unlike other agents that charge between 20 and 30% of their game testers’ pay.

Should you change your mind, the platform promises a money back guarantee within 60 days from sign up.

Sneak peak of video game tester in this video from and The Arizona Republic:

If you are passionate about playing video games, this is the best time and opportunity for you to get paid doing what you love most. Game testing jobs are a legit way to earn so why not give it a try?

Have you worked as a game tester before? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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