Get Deals From Amazon on Snapchat

Follow on Snapchat

Most people who don’t use Snapchat either have no idea what it is or think it’s only used for people sending dirty pictures to each other. While I’m not going to deny Snapchat is used for that purpose, it is beginning to show signs of a more useful and appropriate app.

Take’s latest Snapchat announcement, for instance. You can now follow (that’s the actual username) on Snapchat. When you do, you will receive stories (think public posts) from Amazon announcing incredible deals.

How to follow Amazon on Snapchat

To follow on Snapchat, launch the Snapchat app and go to your “My Friends” list. Click the magnifying glass and do a search for “”. After you complete your typing, click the “+” sign to the right of the username.

That’s it. Now periodically check Snapchat to see if you have any new stories from

Almost snagged a great deal

I followed on Snapchat late last week and discovered a deal for a $60 wireless Bluetooth speaker that Amazon was selling for $1 with a special promo code found only in their Snapchat story.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the deal because by the time I received the story, they had already sold out and the deal was over. This is partly due to Snapchat not have any way to notify you when a new story arrives (a big flaw in my opinion) and the fact that most likely has a zillion followers and only a handful of products to sell when they announce a deal.

But I’ll keep trying. Maybe next time I’ll get lucky.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of companies like Amazon announcing deals via Snapchat? Share your thoughts in the comments below.