Google Pixel 5a: A Sneak Peek Into This Budget Phone

Google Pixel 5a - Coming Soon

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When Google launched its newest smartphone, the Google Pixel 5, a ton of mobile phone fanatics went bonkers. Somehow, the company that mainly dominates the internet browsing category has made its mark on the oligopoly market.

If you loved the Google Pixel 5 then you will certainly want to get a hold of its successor the Google Pixel 5a. Although it is yet to be launched in August of 2021, the storm is already brewing, as smartphone lovers are clamoring to know what is in store for them.

So if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. Because we’ll be having a glimpse of the Google Pixel 5a. Let’s get started.


As expected, the size will be slightly larger than the flagship phone. It will have an estimated size of 6.1 x .29 x 0.3 inches from its predecessor’s 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches.

The screen size is said to be 0.2 inches larger than the Google Pixel 5. Still, with a 5G network, the upcoming phone will be sporting a full HD resolution and an OLED display. I’d like to note that the flagship has a 90Hz refresh rate. So it’s yet to be seen if Google can exceed that or retain the same.

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As for the cameras, the 5a might be installed with the same number of cameras as the 5. There were images circulating throughout the internet sporting 2 cameras. The main lens and an ultrawide one. But with the trend being shown by its previous models, it just might end up with just one. The specifics of the megapixels are yet to be confirmed.

The Pixel 5a might be using the same SoC as its flagship phone, the Pixel 5. And as techies all know, the Snapdragon 765G SoC is smooth, intelligent, secure, and fast. It also has top-of-the-line graphics, awesome speed, and incredible power-saving efficiency.

Another key feature that was missing in the Google Pixel 5 — something that most of you had strong opinions about, was the headphone jack. And Google will most likely be integrating it back into the 5a for the delight of many, for sure.

The upcoming model will be having the same 5G power in it, eliminating another 5a 5G in the future. It’s going to be interesting how Google will jump off from there for a higher version of its newest model.

Considering that the 5a will still have the 5G, it will have to compensate with a larger size battery like the 3,885 mAh used in the 4a 5G. As for wireless charging, this might be an afterthought to bring the costs to a minimum.

Google’s Goal

Having a smartphone is more than just receiving calls, receiving texts, or accessing social media apps. One of the main highlights is the camera capabilities. But more often than not, you will have to spend a few hundred dollars more to get one to produce higher quality photos.

If you own a Google Pixel 5 or have read about it, you know it has awed many for its photography features. The company seems to aim for the same camera specifications in a budget-friendly package for the 5a.

Price Point

Rumor has it that the price point would be somewhere around the 4a and the 4a 5G. It will most likely not veer away from the Pixel 5 but will be made of different materials to accommodate such a price point. It will probably be made of plastic to achieve such.

Initial Target Market

It looks like Pixel 5a will be launched in the US and Japan first. If it finds success, then Google will start making it available for other countries as well.

Overall, there’s very little to get by to differentiate one from the other. As far as the details that we have gathered are concerned, it would have to be a matter of which one would be faster once we can get a hold of the Pixel 5a. Still, Google has a way of surprising even the best of us when it comes to their smartphone line. So, let’s see what happens then.