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Sometimes answering calls from possible customers can be as easy as 1-2-3 when you are just starting out. But as your business grows, you might be overwhelmed by the influx of calls. In addition, there will always be a tendency that you might miss that one customer who might be loyal to you over the years. So it’s best to start right with the Grasshopper Virtual Phone Line.

Why Should You Get Grasshopper Virtual Phone System for Your Business?

What Is Grasshopper Virtual Phone System?

Grasshopper is a small-business phone solution that works in conjunction with your current landline or mobile phone service. Like many other virtual phone systems, the Grasshopper virtual phone system also has a mobile app that allows you to make and receive calls from your business number while on the go.

Grasshopper now offers a 7 day, no commitment trial. Trying Grasshopper is easy!

How Does Grasshopper Work?

The Grasshopper virtual phone system will help make your small business appear like a more prominent company. On your end, you can perform the following:

1. Receive Calls Professionally

For example, your number flashes when a customer calls on your virtual phone line so you can be prepared to answer professionally.

Suppose you have extension numbers for different departments. In that case, an automated greeting will welcome your customers and lead them to previously set department numbers, allowing you to address their needs with precision.

2. Make Calls Anytime, Anywhere, Anytime

When you call a customer using the app, they will see your Grasshopper number rather than your personal number. When your mobile connection isn’t strong enough, you can alternatively utilize VoIP or Wi-Fi.

3. Respond to Texts and Missed Calls Automatically

If you miss a call from a new customer, Grasshopper will send them an SMS message informing them that you are unavailable. Any new caller can even leave their contact information for a callback. Save time in your hectic day to focus on what you need to do instead of worrying about missed phone calls.

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4. Always Be in the Know

You can access your Grasshopper voicemail box online and in the apps to quickly check business messages. You can also receive emails including MP3s and text transcriptions of your voicemails, allowing you to prioritize them quickly.

Not only that, but your Grasshopper phone number also functions as a virtual fax number! Your customers’ faxes will appear in your inbox as PDF files.

What are Grasshopper’s Top Features?

1. User Friendly

When asked, most users say it is easy to use, from signing up to starting the system.

2. Voice Studio

Record your customized greeting so when a consumer calls, a recording plays automatically. They may be pre-programmed to play as a professional greeting, a voicemail greeting, or even an away message if you cannot answer. Or you can have a professional voice actor do it for you.

3. Dashboard With Everything You Need

Grasshopper provides a mobile app with a user-friendly dashboard. All of a user’s correspondence is accessible in one location.

For example, the dashboard lists all of your business messages, emails, phone conversations, voicemails, video chats, and more for your convenience. The dashboard enables you to switch between multiple modes of communication to increase productivity and stay on target at all times.

4. Call Forwarding and Auto-attendant

Grasshopper systems offer an auto-attendant that directs calls based on your preferences.

For example, when setting up your phone system, you can choose where and how you want your company calls to be routed. Then, the client, coworker, or customer will be directed to the proper location by your auto attendant.

5. Compatibility

When you use a virtual phone number with a Grasshopper subscription, you may pick where you want to receive calls and what gadget to engage with.

So if you access all of Grasshopper’s communication services, a desk phone may not be needed. You may use your existing smartphone, as well as a laptop, iPad, or tablet. If you decide to use a desk phone, Grasshopper can do so as well.

Want to see Grasshopper in action? Check out this video review by Cassie Aran.

What Are the Grasshopper Types of Numbers?

Choose from a wide range of toll-free, vanity, and local phone numbers. Alternatively, you can transfer an existing phone number that you prefer and use. Then, choose the package that best suits your company.

Can I Use a Desktop Phone With Grasshopper?

You can access the Grasshopper virtual phone via desktop app or mobile app. When you’re at the office, you can forward calls to your landline, and when you’re not, you can forward calls to your smartphone. Furthermore, you may customize your system to suit your needs.

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Is Grasshopper Affordable?

What is good with Grasshopper is it offers 3 plans. Businessmen are given options based on their business needs.

1.Solo Plan

This is ideal for the entrepreneur with a side hustle.

  • Monthly for $29 or Annually for $26
  • 1 Phone Number
  • 3 Extensions

2. Partner Plan

For businesses with 1-3 employees who are expanding, this subscription might be right.

  • Monthly for $49 or Annually for $44
  • 3 Phone Numbers
  • 6 Extensions

3. Small Business Plan

Do you want more choices for call routing? This plan is just what you need

  • Monthly for $89 or Annually for $80
  • 5 Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited Extensions

How Good is the Grasshopper App?

Your desktop app allows you to reply to customers quickly. Using your internet connection to make and receive VoIP calls and text messages, read voicemails, and examine your call history.

Use the Grasshopper app on your smartphone to make and receive professional calls and messages while keeping your personal calls and texts separate.

On one phone, you may have both your personal and professional phone numbers.

In conclusion, as far as Grasshopper’s virtual phone system is concerned, it looks like smooth sailing from here on out for you and your business. So what are you waiting for? Hop in now and start dreaming big.