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Feature | Makes Group Texting Easy combines the conciseness and efficiency of text messages with some of your favorite email features. It allows you to talk to many people at once using the power of group texting. Simply organize your contacts into different groups and easily talk to all the members of each one simultaneously using your mobile device. Read on to learn how you can harness the power of group texting!

Group Texting | Casting A Wide Net


The Evolution of Texting

The concept of group texting merged the concepts of cell phone-based texting with email distribution lists.

Although cell phones were designed to transmit voice communications, some users have discovered that short messaging service (SMS) or texting with a keypad offers more convenience, efficiency and privacy when compared to a voice-to-voice call.

Common uses for texting include short messages like:

  • “What time is the game?”
  • “I’m running 10 minutes late.”
  • “Where is the lunch meeting?”
  • “OMW” (on my way)

Because texts go directly to mobile devices, they reach people wherever they are. Better yet, text messages facilitate communication without disturbing business meetings, doctor’s appointments or date night. They also let you say what you need to say without padding your conversation with small talk.

How it Works

How it Works | Makes Group Texting Easy

Sending a text to an individual is a simple task; sending texts to groups requires a sender to one-by-one add recipients from their contact list to the message. It can be cumbersome, to say the least.

Looking at the examples of common text messages above, it’s easy to see how sending the same message to multiple people could make your life easier. While the functionality exists on some text-enabled phones, makes it easier by assigning a single phone number to a designated group of recipients: your family, a project team, the soccer moms, etc. When you send your message to that single phone number, takes care of distributing the messages to the entire group.

Use a web browser to register for the service and then set up and communicate with your groups from any text-enabled phone.

Include up to 25 members in each group, and create unlimited numbers of groups for free. According to, groups of 4-10 will have an easier time keeping up with group texting.

Need to talk to the group in person? Your group’s phone number also will call everyone and invite them into a conference call.

Getting Started

Use a web browser to register for the service and set up your groups. sends an activation code to your phone. Enter the activation code into your browser then will send you a confirmation as well as command codes that let you easily add new group members and send group text messages. suggests creating sample groups to get started; family, college friends or roomies. Find more details in’s “Help” section.

AppKnowHow shows how easy group texting can be with

Even though the web-based app for still says it’s in beta, they’ve already released an iPhone App. The Android version is also set to hit the market soon. Currently, the service is only available in the United States, but the company has plans to offer it globally in the future. If you live in the US, all you need to use the platform is an SMS-enabled phone. Messages sent using it, however, are subject to standard text messaging fees.

“GroupMe makes life easy for you and your groups. It’s your real-life network, in your pocket.”

Have you tried out yet? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 5, 2010 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.