How to Handle Internet Service When Moving

Moving day

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When you move from one home to another, there are a few components to keep in mind so that it’s done with ease. Setting up your utilities, including your internet service, is an important step. If you’re not happy with the service that you have, you can simply cancel it and find a new provider.

However, if you want to keep your current plan, you need to make sure the provider offers service in the area you’re moving to and how soon you need to get the transfer order in place so that services are connected when you get to your new home.

Transferring Service

If you decide to transfer your internet service, you’ll be pleased to know that most providers try to make the process as easy as possible so that you aren’t without internet during your move or you’re only without service for a day or two.

After checking to see if your provider is available in your area, you might want to consider looking at other companies as well to see if there are options that are less expensive home internet plans or that allow you to bundle multiple services, such as wireless internet and TV.

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Once you’ve decided that you want to transfer, you should carefully pack the equipment that you have so that it’s not damaged during the move. If you’re not going to keep your current provider, you need to find out how to get the equipment back to the company.

When you’re settled in your home, you can begin the process of connecting all of the equipment that you need or allow a technician to connect everything.

New Providers

Even if you move to a rural area, there are usually a few options available regarding internet service providers. An easy way to check for internet providers in the area you’re moving to is to look online. You’ll usually be able to see an average price for the services that are provided and the speeds that are offered as well.

Try to enter detailed information instead of a generic city as some providers might be available in one area of a county and not in another area. If you’re moving to an apartment, the complex might offer basic internet services.

If you want to upgrade to something faster or you currently have a provider you want to stay with that services the area, then you’ll need to consult with the office about how to pay any additional fees each month or if you have to keep the service that’s offered due to the type of connection in the apartment buildings.

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After settling on your internet provider, you should consider the type of plan that you’re going to need for the number of people in your home and the activities that are performed. A benefit of transferring service is that you only need to give the company the dates you’re moving. There are companies that allow for transferring services online while others might want you to call to talk to someone to ensure all of the details are correct.

Find out if there’s a transfer fee and if you need to upgrade the equipment that you have. If you’re switching to a new provider, you want to make sure the current service is disconnected so that you’re not charged a fee for canceling your agreement.