Create your own home DIY security system with Home8

Home8 Mini Cube HD 2-Camera Ulta-Secure Starter Kit

There are so many websites, television shows and Pinterest boards dedicated to Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, I found it only fitting when Home8 contacted me about reviewing their DIY security system for your home. I mean how could I resist a DIY tech project?

The Home8 system is a modular system where you add in the parts you need, when you need them. Home8 sent me their Home8 Mini Cube HD 2-Camera Ultra-Secure Starter Kit so that’s what I am going to focus on during this review.

However, if you are interested, there are several other add-ons you can get for the Home8 system including door and window sensors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, garage door controls, modules to turn on/off your lights and even an elder care medication dispenser and panic button.

It starts with the Security Shuttle

The Mini Cube HD Camera Kit that I received came with what Home8 calls a Security Shuttle. This is the hub and main communication piece for your Home8 system. It requires a wired Ethernet connection to your wireless router or gateway so you’ll want to make sure you have room for the shuttle near your wireless router or gateway and that you have an open Ethernet port available.

Home8 Security Shuttle

The Security Shuttle is also what you use when you want to connect new devices to your Home8 system. I honestly did nothing more than install the free Home8 app on my smartphone and turn my 2 cameras and the Shuttle on and everything magically configured itself. I was impressed at how easy it was.

Mini Cube HD Cameras

The mini cube cameras can really be placed anywhere in your house as long as they are close to an electrical outlet and within wireless range of the Security Shuttle. The cameras can be set on a flat surface or mounted to a wall or ceiling. In my own experience, I had some difficulty placing the cameras on a flat surface because they are so light that they tended to shift around or topple over. I believe my issue was that the weight of the electrical cord was pulling my camera off the edge of the surface I had it set on and eventually I figured out a way to place the cameras so they wouldn’t move.

Home8 Mini Cube HD Camera

Home8 Mini Cube HD Camera

Once the cameras are in place though, you can easily view each camera’s live video feed (even in the dark thanks to the low light night vision feature) from anywhere using the Home8 app on your smartphone. The Home8 app also lets you listen in on the microphone built in to each camera or to speak to the camera so people in the room can hear you. You can also initiate your own recording of any connected camera.

Home8 App Video Feed

Local storage

One nice feature of using a Security Shuttle is that it can store recorded video right on the device itself. Most video services require you to store your video in the cloud (the Internet) which may or may not give you privacy concerns based on your Internet comfort level. But with the Home8 system, your recorded security video is stored right on a device in your own home.

Motion and sound detection

Each mini cube camera has built-in motion and sound detection which can trigger alerts. When an alert is triggered, video of the event is automatically recorded so you can view the event using the Home8 app on your smartphone to see if it is something you want to respond to. Both the motion and the sound detection can also be adjusted (less sensitive or more sensitive) using the Home8 app.

If the alert you receive happens to be an emergency of some kind (like someone breaking into your home), you have a few options on how to respond. The first is to sound an 80dB siren to scare away the intruder. I tested the alarms on these cameras and they were louder than I expected. According to my dog’s reaction, they were louder than she expected too!

A second option is to immediately notify a list of responders you have programmed into the Home8 app. This could be the police, the fire department or a specific list of friends and family members. You are in complete control of who gets notified.

Home8 App Add Emergency Contact

No monthly fees or contracts

While there is an associated cost with purchasing each device you add to your Home8 system, the nice part is that you don’t have any monthly fees or contracts to pay. There is no security company backing all of this. Remember, this is DIY home security.

The retail price for the Home8 Mini Cube HD 2-Camera Ulta-Secure Starter Kit which includes the Security Shuttle and the 2 Mini Cube HD cameras is $249.99 but is currently listed on Amazon for right around $236. It is also available at Best Buy, Menards, Staples and Home Depot.

Note: The Home8 Mini Cube HD 2-Camera Ulta-Secure Starter Kit mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here to purchase on