How does iTunes Radio stack up to the competition? [TECH TALK]

Tech TalkWith the latest release of iOS 7, Apple introduced iTunes Radio which allows the listener to create customized radio stations based on their likes and dislikes with a little bit of Apple Genius mixed in. But with similar services like Pandora, is Apple too late to the game? Listen as Mr. Noobie®, owner of, and Christian Hokenson, contributor to Gadget Review, review the features of iTunes Radio and discuss how it compares to similar services like Pandora.

Be sure not to miss the weekly roundup of interesting and fun technology news as well as Mr. Noobie’s® app of the week. This week, Mr. Noobie® shares an app that allows you to capture unique and fun photos by combining both the front and rear cameras into one photo.

In our featured product/service segment, Mr. Noobie® introduces a personalized health management system for patients with chronic conditions.

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