How To Download Videos On YouTube

How To Download Videos On YouTube

Do you want to know how to download videos on YouTube? Being able to do so lets you watch your favorite videos repeatedly without the nuances of clips buffering. It also gives you more flexibility when you are on-the-go and do not have access to Wi-Fi.

A Guide on How to Download Videos on YouTube

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Download Your Videos

YouTube allows you to download content from your personal account. If you want to download your own content, then sign into your account. Click on your photo to open your settings and click on the Creator Studio button.

Go to the left menu and click on the Videos button. Find the video you want to download and then click the Download MP4 button. You can download videos download in 360p or 720p. The resolution depends on the video resolution you uploaded to YouTube.

You can download your own videos to your iPhone, iPad, or Android if you have a YouTube Red account. Remember, if you download your video to a smartphone or tablet, then you must reconnect to the Internet within 30 days.

Downloading Videos on an Android Device

When you want to learn how to download videos on YouTube, your device impacts your options. An Android phone or tablet needs an appropriate app. You will not find an app to download YouTube videos in the Google Play Store.

Go into your settings and open your security settings. Click the toggle that says unknown sources. Your Android is able to install apps from other places when you turn on the toggle. You can turn it back off by repeating the process.

Download TubeMate from a reliable online source. Always use a verified source to prevent viruses or other challenges. When the warning message pops up on your Android, allow it to download and install TubeMate.

Browse YouTube videos through TubeMate. The app offers an extra function when you watch videos on your Android. Click on the green download button. It will gather information about the video. Choose the resolution and format of the video. It will download to your Android device. Keep in mind that the videos take up space on your device. You may need to delete videos when you run out of space.

Downloading Videos to Your Computer

Downloading Videos to Your Computer | How To Download Videos On YouTube

If you want to know how to download videos on YouTube to your computer, then start with the right software. Download the 4K Video Downloader to your computer. The software is free for your computer.

Download the 4K YouTube to MP3 app. It is a companion application for the video download software. Select the video or the channel you want to download to your computer. Select download in the application. It will download the information in 4K quality or the best quality resolution for the video.

Downloading Videos to Your iPhone or iPad

Apple devices differ from other computers. You work with the iOS system, so it needs a different app. Go to the App Store and download the Documents application. The app allows you to copy YouTube clips to your iPhone or iPad.

Open the YouTube app on your device. You can also go into Safari and go to YouTube. Select the share button and then copy the link. Open the Documents application and then select the web browser. In the application, it looks similar to a compass. Type in Paste the link you copied from YouTube. Select the resolution. The file downloads to your phone or tablet.

Go into your camera roll. You will find the YouTube video in your files. Keep in mind that the videos will take up space on your phone. If you have limited space, then you may need to clear out some content.

Use Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is software for your computer. It works on Windows products, so it will not work on your iPhone or iPad. Download the software to your computer. Select the software from a reliable source.

Keep in mind that Freemake Video Downloader offers a free anti-virus software. It also changes your default browser to Yahoo when you download the software. If you do not want the add-on tools, then adjust the installation to avoid the changes. Remove the check mark from the anti-virus software before downloading the information. You can also custom install the software to avoid changes.

After installing the software, look for the videos you want to download through the program. The program allows you to download videos in high definition quality. The software is free. It will show ads when you use the software to download and watch videos. A key advantage is that it will download into different formats.


There are a lot of apps and tutorials on how to download videos on YouTube illegally. If you want to keep it clean, watch this video from Video Creators:

Learning how to download videos on YouTube allows you to watch content without Wi-Fi or an online connection. You can download videos to your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This makes watching your favorite clips more convenient. The key is using the right combination of software and applications.

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