How to prevent your spouse from killing you when watching television

Conversation overheard between Mr. Noobie and his client:

Client: Can you help me with one more thing?

Mr. Noobie: Sure!

Client: I bought some TV Ears. Can you help me hook them up?

Mr. Noobie: No problem. As long as you tell me what TV Ears are!

Needless to say, my client was thrilled she knew about a gadget I had never heard of. But not being one to turn down a challenge, I plunged right in.

Turns out that TV Ears are really just wireless headphones for your television. But a little fancier because they have their own volume and tone controls built right into the headphones.

TV Ears 2.3 MHZ Wireless Headset System

They are ideally suited for seniors. Specifically when someone is having difficulty hearing the television and when turning the television up loud enough to hear either annoys the neighbors or someone else in the room.

Hooking up the TV Ears was a snap. Just plug in the base unit, connect it to the audio out jacks on the television and you’re done.

For the record, I tested them out when I was done and they work great. I put the volume on the television about as low as it could go and then turned up the volume on my headset and heard everything just fine from about 15 feet away.

So in the end my client was happy she could watch television in peace again. And I was happy to never have a blank look on my face again the next time a client asked me about TV Ears.