How to Repair a Frozen Evaporator Coil

How to Clean AC Coils

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The evaporator coil is a key component of your air conditioner. It helps to cool the air as it passes over the coils before being delivered into your home. If the evaporator coil becomes frozen, it will not be able to properly cool the air, which can cause your AC unit to work harder and may even lead to an emergency repair.

One of the most common issues during the winter months is a frozen evaporator coil. This can be a serious problem because it can lead to your air conditioner not working properly. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to fix this problem. Keep reading to learn how to repair a frozen evaporator coil.

Clean Your Evaporator Coils Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your coils from freezing is to clean them on a regular basis. Evaporator coils can sometimes collect debris and dirt quickly, so it’s important to clean them frequently. In most cases, evaporator coils only need to be cleaned about every three months.

If the evaporator coil isn’t too dirty, compressed air will usually do the trick. It’s important to blow the air in the opposite direction of the normal airflow across the evaporator coil. Always wear eye protection when doing this. If there’s a lot of dirt build-up on the coil, a brush can be more effective. Plus, you can control the pressure better and make sure you’re only cleaning the areas you want to. When using a brush, choose a soft one, so you don’t damage the fins.

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If your evaporator coils are covered in heavy dirt and other substances, you can opt for a commercial cleaner. You have plenty of options available when it comes to choosing a commercial cleaner for your evaporator coils. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and allow the cleaner to sit and foam until the debris and foam are drained away. Reapply as needed or according to instructions until the coils are clean.

Ensure Proper Insulation

The most important thing you can do to prevent your evaporator coil from freezing is to make sure it is properly insulated. The insulation helps keep the cold air inside the coils so it can do its job of cooling your home. If there is any damage or deterioration to the insulation, replace it right away. You should also check for any leaks around the coils as they could let in warm air and cause the coils to freeze. Make sure all ducts and vents are properly sealed so that no warm air enters your home unnecessarily.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Removing Air Filter

A lot of people don’t think about their air filters until they have issues with their HVAC system. While it’s commonly believed that air filters are only there to keep your system clean, they actually have a big impact on your comfort. Clean air filters result in clean, fresh air for your home and improved indoor air quality. But when they’re dirty, your comfort could be at risk. In fact, dirty air filters can cause reduced airflow and frozen evaporator coils.

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If you don’t change your air filter, it will get clogged with dirt and debris. This will make it harder for your HVAC system to circulate air and can also make your energy bills go up. It’s a good idea to change your air filter every three months, but if you have pets or smoke in your house, you may need to do it more often.

There are many benefits to keeping your evaporator coils clean and free of obstruction. Not only does it help the system run more efficiently, but it can also prevent the coils from freezing. By following a few simple tips, you can keep your evaporator coils clean and running smoothly all summer long.