What Is the Ideal Length for a Product Description on an E-commerce Store? How Can I Make Mine Stand Out?

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Your product descriptions can make a huge impact on potential buyers and help them make up their minds whether to click ‘purchase’ or not, but they are often overshadowed in importance by flashy images and keywords. Far too many businesses miss out on the opportunity that product descriptions give to really stand out and set you apart.

If you think you might be one of them, read on to discover more about product descriptions and how to make yours pop today.

What Is the Ideal Length for a Product Description?

The exact length of your product description will vary depending on what you are selling. This may sound a bit vague, but consider the information you might want to know when buying a birthday card or a mug compared to buying a car. You can see how you would need more information in the latter case than in the former.

In general, you should be looking at around 75-300 words for your product description which should include details such as the name, make and model, materials involved, measurements and weight, cost, benefits to your product, and the delivery details (to name a few).

The more information you add the better, but only if it is delivered in the right way. You aren’t just creating these descriptions to fit with the strategy devised by your SEO company in Dubai; you also want them to stand out to human buyers as a priority.

How Can You Make Your Product Description Stand Out?

So, how can you stand out from the masses while still describing your black plastic kettle or medium-sized velvet cushion? Here are our top tips for giving information and making a splash with your product descriptions on an e-commerce store.

1. Know Your Target Market – And Give Them What They Want!

When people are shopping for an item or service, they generally have certain questions in mind. What problem do I need to solve? How will this product help me? Why is it better than the competition?

If you can answer these questions in a compelling way, you are well on your way to an ideal product description.

Include as much information as is necessary but cut the fat!

2. Appeal to the Imagination

Your product is far more likely to sell if the potential buyer can really picture themselves using it. When we buy goods in person, we have a tangible object that we can hold or admire. With a store on an e-commerce platform like Shopify, you have to get a little more creative.

Try telling a story with your description. Give your buyer the feeling of relaxing into a hot bath full of your fragrant bubbles, or pounding around the park in your latest sneakers.

If they see it in their mind’s eye and they like what they see, they’ll be far more likely to go for it!  

3. Sensory Words, Not Superlatives

When you are using words to describe your product it is important that you use the right words. Too many superlatives can be repetitive without actually giving any information. Far too many products describe themselves as the warmest, the best, or the most luxurious without any proof to back that up.

These words are so common that customers are more likely to skip over them and roll their eyes than actually believe them.

Conclusion: In as Much or as Little as Is Necessary

In essence, when writing product descriptions, if you wish to have the best possible chance at converting your customers you need to accurately describe the product and the benefits it can bring in as much or as little as is absolutely necessary.

Don’t fluff the product description out for the sake of meeting a certain word count – and only place your keywords as naturally as possible.

Keep these tips and your ideal target market in mind and your product descriptions will soon stand out head and shoulders above any competition in your e-commerce store.