If only Verizon Wireless had picture menus

Env2Today I officially declare that a cell phone is the most confusing technology product on the planet to buy.

I walked into the Verizon Wireless store wanting a new cell phone. A cell phone with a full keyboard for text messaging. I got that. But somehow I also got a car charger, a leather case, a music essentials pack and a memory card. Oh yeah, and an upgrade to a new cell plan with unlimited text messaging.

Now don’t get the impression that I got taken for a ride. I didn’t. But I did have to work with the options I was given. I wanted some, not all, of the accessories I walked out with. And I did need a text message plan so it was cheaper for me to buy it the way I did. Unfortunately I had to spend an hour in the store just to keep my head straight.

And I have to admit, at times, I felt like I was pushing the edge of gullibility. That’s when I looked around me at all of the noobies in the store and wondered how they were going to survive.

I dream of the day I can walk into a Verizon Wireless store, look at a big picture menu, and order a #3.