Introducing the Best Buy Penalty Zone program

Readers of my blog have long followed my ups and downs with Best Buy. Apparently it’s time for another downswing.

I may be old school but I’ve always thought the idea behind a business was to wow your customers. Go above and beyond or get lumped in with everyone else.

Which is why I am dumbfounded at a recent call I received from Best Buy explaining some changes to the Best Buy Reward Zone program. Lucky for me (and perhaps for you) I didn’t have my cell phone on me at the time so it went to voice mail. The voice mail, in its entirety, is included on the audio player below. Have a listen.

Note: If you can not see the audio player above, please go to the original blog post on the Noobie web site.

So let me get this straight. I’m supposed to get excited about a call I receive on my cell phone that tells me the reward program I have been using for years will now be making the following changes:

  • Reward certificates will only be available by logging on to
  • Reward certificates will no longer be transferrable
  • Reward certificates will be cashed out at the $5 level (don’t spend EXACTLY $5 and you forfeit part of your reward)
  • You need to provide email address or no longer be eligible to participate in the program
  • Points no longer roll over from year to year
  • You need to make at least one purchase every 12 months to remain in the program

Looks like Best Buy only missed one important change. That being changing the program name from Reward Zone to Penalty Zone.