iPhone 2.0, here we go again

It was just about one year ago when I was debating whether or not I should get Apple’s at-that-time brand new iPhone. I was concerned about being an early adopter and paying too much too early. Well, readers of my blog know that I did end up purchasing the iPhone on the day it was released and probably did pay too much for it especially since the price dropped $200 about six weeks after I bought it. Even so, the iPhone has been one of my best technology purchases over the past year.

But here we go again. Today Steve Jobs of Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPhone, dubbed by some as iPhone 2.0. Rumors are running wild about what features the new iPhone will have. One particular rumored feature has really caught my eye. It’s the rumor that the new iPhone will run off AT&T’s 3G network instead of the older and slower EDGE network.

Faster equals better

Even if you don’t know what 3G and EDGE are (and I don’t expect you to), just know that one of my biggest gripes, and there aren’t very many of them, of the first generation iPhone is how slow it is when accessing email and web pages outside of any Wi-Fi network. In other words, it’s painfully slow when you have to use AT&T’s cellular network to access the Internet.

The slowness is mainly due to the outdated EDGE network that the iPhone utilizes. Not only is it outdated but it was never designed to handle the surge in traffic it received when tens of thousands of iPhone users start hitting the network all at once.

The 3G network utilization should relieve much of that pain. The only problem is, I have to get the new iPhone to be able to use the 3G network. At least I think I do. I’ll know more in a couple of hours.

Is it worth it?

So this time around I have even more decisions to make. Do I get the new iPhone? What do I do with my existing iPhone? Is it worth the additional money just to get the faster network speed?

Once again, time will tell. Stay tuned.