iPhone X Specs Include Wireless Charging, Face ID & Edge-to-Edge Display

iPhone X Specs Include Wireless Charging, Face ID & Edge-to-Edge DisplayThe iPhone X specs are a long way ahead of the existing features of Apple’s flagship smartphone. Introduced side by side with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, the new gadget offers features that previously could only be found in science fiction movies. The tech giant recently unveiled the three new phone designs at the grand opening of the Steve Jobs Theater, shocking the world with its new offering. Wired shared the same awe.

iPhone X Specs Include Wireless Charging, Face ID & Edge-to-Edge Display
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iPhone X Specs Could Be Apple’s Best Yet

THE NEW IPHONE X packs more new stuff into any device since the original iPhone. It’s the most complete redesign of the product ever and even offers a glimpse at what the iPhone might become when the world no longer wants smartphones. Of course, you probably won’t buy one. Even if you can afford the super high price, getting your hands on an iPhone X in the next few months will be like hunting for the holy grail. Except in this case, the fancy one is the right answer.

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With the iPhone X packing so much new tech, is it wise for Apple to release it in the same timeline as iPhone 8 and 8 plus? Then again, like previous releases, people will have their preferences.

iPhone X Specs Not in Other iPhones

The new iPhone X specs include Face ID to unlock your phone, wireless charging, as well as a sleek edge-to-edge display. Whereas previous iPhones had a home button on the bottom part of the phone, this design does not. The new design is essentially all screen, except for the front camera on the upper side of the phone. Called the Super Retina Display, using 1125×2436 OLED display, the new screen technology basically makes everything look better.

Another new addition found in the iPhone X specs that’s an improvement from the other phones is its Qi standard wireless charging. To charge, you only have to lay down your iPhone X on the inductive pad. No more messy wires or plugging your phone into the wall. The company’s also planning to release the AirPower. This will allow you to charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Other companies already offer wireless charging, but the iPhone X can charge with current Qi pad chargers, which is new.

The camera has been improved so much so that the iPhone X even allows you to use your face to unlock your phone. You can unlock apps and pay using Apple Pay by just holding the phone up to your face. This feature is enabled by the multifaceted cameras and sensors. This same feature allows you to create Animojis as well.

Apple takes the popular Emoji to the next level with Animojis that copy your facial expression. You can then send your own unique Animoji to friends and families.

Cost And Release Date

Cost And Release Date | iPhone X Specs Include Wireless Charging, Face ID & Edge-to-Edge Display
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Surprisingly, the jaw-dropping iPhone X specs and design doesn’t cost too much compared to its other lineup of smartphones. It’s tagged at $999, but you don’t really have to pay that exact amount at once. If you already have an existing iPhone, you can get the 64gb model at $49.91 a month through Apple’s upgrade program. That’s roughly $10 more a month if you plan to get the iPhone 8 plus.

If you want to get more storage space, then you’ll have to shell out $56.16 a month, totaling $1,149.

The iPhone 8 and 8 plus will be available in stores on Sept. 22, but the iPhone X will only be available for preorder on Oct. 27 with store release pegged for Nov. 3.


Do you want a visual of the iPhone X specs? Watch this video from Apple itself.

Do these iPhone X specs excite you? Though it might cost more than the upcoming iPhone 8 and 8 plus, the offered features seem to make the cost difference worth it.

Face ID, full OLED display, wireless charging, and Animojis! Which feature do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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