Is Blockbuster desperate or the undisputed champ of follow-up marketing?

I’ve written previously about my experiences with both Blockbuster Total Access and Netflix. I’ve used both services and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Blockbuster Total Access allows you to exchange mailed DVDs in store, although they aren’t very upfront that you can only do this a limited number of times per month based on what you plan you selected. Netflix combats the Blockbuster in-store exchange option by having lightning fast delivery times and offering unlimited Internet viewing for thousands of their selections.

When I was done trying out each of these services I canceled my plan, not because I was disappointed but instead because I just wanted to try the service, nothing more. What I find fascinating is the follow-up offers I have received from each since I have canceled. Blockbuster has contacted me a dozen times via email asking me to come back. They started by offering me another one-month free trial (albeit for the lower 1 DVD out at a time package) and then progressed into offering me the same one-month trial but this time including a free copy of American Gangster on previously viewed DVD.

Netflix has sent me a grand total of zero follow-up offers. You would think that this makes Netflix look really bad. Ironically, it has had the exact opposite effect. Blockbuster has appeared desperate to me. In fact, I think if I keep waiting long enough maybe I’ll get the one-month free trial along with a brand new (vs. previously viewed) DVD or maybe even a DVD boxed set!

Netflix gives me the impression that they will welcome me back at any time by allowing me to pick up my previous subscription exactly where I left off. Pretty nifty considering I get this impression by not hearing a word from them.

What’s your opinion? Is Blockbuster desperate or the undisputed champ of follow-up marketing? Leave a comment and let me know.