It’s time to stop calling TiVo a DVR

I am ready to go on record. My TiVo should no longer be referred to as a digital video recorder (DVR). Instead it should be referred to as a digital video recording, movie streaming, Internet radio playing, podcast watching, photo sharing, swivel searching and pizza ordering device, or DVRMSIRPPWPSSSPOD for short. I’ll let the guys up at TiVo marketing work on a catchier name but you get the idea.


My point is this. When TiVo first hit the market, it was indeed a digital video recorder. It recorded television shows digitally to a hard drive. But since then it has evolved into a full-fledged Internet appliance. Like the name I gave earlier alludes to, I can stream Netflix movies, listen to Internet radio stations, watch podcasts, share photos, search across television guides and the Internet simultaneously and yes, even order a Domino’s pizza, all from the comfort of my living room using my TiVo remote control.

So cable and satellite companies, please feel free to continue calling your set-top recording devices a DVR. Meanwhile, I’ll live in Internet-connected bliss with my TiVo DVRMSIRPPWPSSSPOD.