I’ve flipped for my new camcorder

Flip Video UltraToday I ordered a Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder from Amazon.com. This camera has become the talk of the town for video bloggers and I figured it was about time I joined the video blogging revolution.

What’s funny is that I already own a Sony DCR-SR82 camcorder which is much, much nicer than the Flip Video I just purchased. I know, I know, something doesn’t add up. Why did I just purchase a new camcorder that is inferior to the one I already own? Actually, the fact that it is inferior is the very reason I bought it.

The Flip Video Ultra has become popular because it is small, portable and extremely easy to use. But it also has become popular because its lower resolution video is the perfect format for video web sites like YouTube. I know firsthand that when I put video from my Sony camcorder on YouTube I have to do a lot of magic tricks to get the video size small enough to meet YouTube’s video requirements. With the Flip Video, you just extend the built-in USB connector, connect it to your PC and your video is already YouTube ready.

Pure Digital, the company that manufacturers the Flip Video even took a page out of the Apple playbook and released the Flip Video Ultra series in a handful of different colors. Ironically I spent the most amount of time when making my purchasing decision, deciding which color to get. In the end I went with orange just to be different.

Since I ordered the Flip Video on Amazon.com using my Amazon Prime account, the Flip Video should arrive on my doorstep sometime on Wednesday. I hope to have another “unboxing” blog post soon after. I look forward to being able to give everyone a firsthand account of my new toy.